Bedtime Voyeur

Masturbation Monday #42

For the first time in forever I am actually taking part in this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Bedtime Voyeur. As you’ll know due to changes in UK laws I have been trying to be careful what new images I host directly on my page but I felt there was something almost innocent about this gorgeous inspiration photograph, and I just had to include it in this post.

  Bedtime VoyeurThe Other Livvy is a beautiful woman, sweet human being, freaking gorgeous, and she’s newly married to Exhibit A who you may remember from previous prompts. I perved her website (as you do) and found beautiful images that made my mouth water and my brain scream, “You need this for Masturbation Monday!” Thankfully she was happy to let us all be inspired by her this week! 

Image originally published as Inspiration and used with permission.

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Bedtime Voyeur


It had been a long day, hell it had been a long week. Without turning the lights on, she moved slowly into the room, struggling to put one foot in front of the other, even her teeth felt tired. She dropped her bag and coat on the chair, pulled her jumper over her head, and throwing it in the direction of the laundry basket, unfastening her bra and sliding it down her arms, letting it drop to the floor. She looked down at it for a minute , then shrugged half heartedly turning away as she unzipped her skirt. She pushed it down past her hips, before sitting on the edge of the bed, she kicked her feet, forcing the skirt to fall to the floor.

It slipped free, and she fell back, flopping back on to the bed. She considered trying to get up but only managed to roll over. She bent her legs, reaching back to pull her heel out of one then the other. Her stockings made her feet slippery, so both shoes flopped from her feet when she wiggled her toes. She flexed her feet, watching as the shoes slipped further and further down her toes. Finally she gave a flick and her shoes clattered to the floor. It felt strange to be lying on the bed with only her stockings on but the more she thought about it the more she liked the idea.

She let her legs drop back to the bed. Her bed was next to the window, and she lifted herself up on her elbows to look out. The night was dark but the buildings around her were a patchwork of yellows and whites, from their tenants’ lights. She reached out and switched on her lamp, seconds later the light went off in the window directly opposite hers, for a brief moment before it went off she thought she’d seen someone in the window watching her.  It made her pause for a moment before she decided she didn’t care.

She rolled onto her back, her hands coming up to play with her breasts, cupping and squeezing them, then pinching her nipples. She moves her hand down, smoothing over her stomach, and down to her mound. She strokes over her outer lips, letting her fingers slip down her slit, sliding them back up and spreading her juices up to her swollen clit. She circles her hard nub with her fingers, while she pinches one of her nipples, tugging it harder as her orgasm builds.

She rubs her clit, her fingers pressing firmer, as she moves them over her clit faster. Spikes of pleasure are shooting through her, sparking from her nipple and cunt and meeting deep in her stomach. Heat is running through her body warming her muscles, and causing them to clench. She presses her head back into the pillow turning her head to look out of the window. Pressure builds inside her, her body rolling with the waves of pleasure. Her breath is coming out in pants and moans, and as the waves crest an animal growl tears from her throat. Keeping her eyes on the dark window opposite, she lifts her hand to her mouth and deliberately sucks each finger.



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Bedtime Voyeur

Phone Sex – Erotic Flash Fiction

Masturbation Monday #34

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Phone Sex. The inspiration was:

phone sexThis brings back memories…anyone else?

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Image via Tumblr

Phone Sex

“Have a good time guys, make sure you eat before you start drinking.”The door slams shut, the lock clicking as they leave, and I breathe a sigh of relief. I head into my room up, closing the door and flicking the button on my lock, then I roll the draft excluder against the bottom of the door. I light a few candles and put a CD on low before snuggling on my bed. I check the time then stare at the phone willing it to ring. It doesn’t.

Finally bored of waiting, I slide off my shorts before laying back down. I slide my hands under my top, to play with my breasts. My hands cup and squeeze them, then I pinch my nipples. When they’re hard, standing up in firm peaks I move one hand downwards. Closing my eyes I slide my hand over my pubic mound. I shaved earlier and I love the feel as I glide my fingers over the silky smooth patch of skin.

I slip a finger between my lips, finding my clit and stroking over it. As it starts to swell, I circle it, feeling wet heat throb through me. I push into my hand, wanting more pressure as my orgasm builds. I’m right on the edge when my phone rings. I jump, cursing, I’d forgotten about the call.

I reached out with my other hand, while I go back to stroking my clit.
His voice is gravelly in my ear, “Sorry babe. I couldn’t get rid of John. Hate that I kept you waiting.”
I think about it for a split second, then start to grin, “That’s okay I managed to find something to occupy myself…..and keep my hands busy.”
There’s silence as he considers what I said, “Wish I was there to give you a hand.”
“What would you be doing if you were here?” We’ve not really done phone sex before, and I’m not sure how he’ll respond but when he starts talking I know it was the right thing.

His voice washes over me as he describes what he’d like to be doing. My hand is back on my cunt, and I am moaning down the phone, my breathing raspy. I brush a thumb over my swollen clit, while my fingers move easily between my lips. The juices making it easy to slide two fingers into me. I keep my thumb on my clit, pressing, in a circle motion, as I slowly thrust two fingers in and out of my cunt.

As the waves of pleasure build inside me, I let his voice carry me. I mutter out some random words, much as I would if here, telling how good it feels. Finally I arch my back pushing harder and harder against my hand, rocking my hips back and forth feeling the pulsing throb in my cunt. I let out a moan, as I feel the pressure pushing down inside me. An animal growl tears from my throat as I come hard, squirting over my hand, leaving a patch on the sheet.

“Oh fuck, baby. That was so hot.” I try to reply but my voice won’t work. I make a happy noise, then start giggling. He waits, knowing my responses.
At last I calm down enough to speak, “You turn.”



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