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Masturbation Monday #33

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Quick Hand Job

Do you get the feeling she knows exactly what she wants? I think so…and now he’s clear on that, too. (Oh, and this is part of a larger gif set – you might want to check it out. Scroll down for the link.)

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Quick Hand Job

He gave George a last spin as the song finished, spinning her into him. They were both breathing hard as she hugged him,”Have you been practising?”
He laughed, looking down at her, “I might have taken a few lessons.”
She hugged him again, and as a slow song started playing he wrapped his arms around her, only just hearing the thank you she whispered against his shoulder.

George had told him about the swing band her friend Mara had booked for her wedding reception, explaining that it was something they’d enjoyed together as kids. She’d offered to teach him a few steps but he hadn’t seemed that interested, so she didn’t mention it again. Now she felt like she was floating, she couldn’t believe he’d taken dance lessons for her.

Adrenaline was still coursing through her, and she felt a change inside her. The thrill of the dance becoming a flush of desire. Shifting her stance she pressed into him, angling herself so one hip pressed against him. She tilted her chin up to kiss him, a deep firm kiss that told him what she was feeling. As the song ended she wiggled against his crotch, smiling when she felt his cock twitch against her as it started to stiffen.
She stood on tiptoe to whisper in his ear, “Quick hand job?”

The walked hurriedly down the corridor, they ducked round a corner and found a dead end. They listened for a moment outside the door, and then he was kissing her. His hands inside her jacket, under her top, stroking over her stomach. She fumbled with his zip, glad for the loose fit of his dress trousers. His briefs restrained his erection, and she pushed her hand through the gap, allowing his cock to pop free.

She wrapped her hand around his shaft, squeezing and stroking it. He moaned, his hands cupping her breasts, squeezing them. When her nipples puckered he ran his fingertips over them, pinching as she squeezed his cock. Their breathing was ragged, his moans and hands combined were causing her cunt to throb. When he tugged one nipple extra hard she whimpered at the intensity of the next throb. He moved one hand sliding up her skirt, pressing her thighs apart, and stroking over her cunt. Finding her already slick with desire, he slipped a finger inside her. Circling his thumb over her clit until she leant forward, pressing her mouth against his shoulder to muffle her moans. Her hand clenching around his cock, moving faster as he pushed her towards the edge. As she came she bit his shoulder, and her knees weakened. He pulled his fingers out, moving them up to his lips, and sucking them.

She dropped to her knees, pressing her lips to the head of his cock. Opening them wide, and taking his cock into her mouth. She focussed on the head, keeping her hand working his shaft as she sucked him. She curled her tongue, flicking it against the underside of the head. He grabbed a fistful of her hair as he leant back against the wall. His breathing hitched, and she thought she heard him say her name. She moved her hand and slid her lips down his shaft. Taking in as much of him as she could, as she sucked. He grunted, and she felt the hot liquid spilling down her throat.

When he’d finished she pulled back, carefully tucking him back into his pants, and zipping up his trousers. He held a hand to help her stand. She placed her hand in his and as she rose they heard a sound from across the hall. They both looked over as the door in the opposite dead end clicked shut.



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Strawberry Massage Oil from Lovehoney

Product Review

“Strawberries and… cream? This deliciously scented (and flavoured) strawberry massage oil is perfect for a slow, sensual massage, either for rapturous foreplay, or simply for relaxation. And, for an added sensation, why not try slowly licking it off your lover’s bare skin?

To use, simply warm a few drops in your hands, and gently work into your lover’s skin. Why not give your lucky lover a rapturous massage as part of your weekend fun?”

From Lovehoney

strawberry massage oil

Strawberry Massage Oil from Lovehoney

When you open the bottle the strawberry scent rushes out and permeates the room. It’s a true sharp strawberry scent with just a hint of sweetness. I really liked it.

This massage product is full of lots of natural oils, it’s free from parabens, and glycerine. It is also vegan friendly. And a big one for me it contains NO artificial sweeteners.

The bottle comes with a special stopper to prevents leakages, and I’ve stored the bottle horizontally without any issues.

The oil goes on smoothly, and not much is needed for a back massage. Warming it slightly makes it go even further. Once on it is nice and light, not overly slippery. It leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised rather than greasy or sticky.

It was easy to wash out of bedding/towels too. And I found after showering it off my skin still felt softer.

My only downside to this was the taste. It didn’t have one. The gorgeous strawberry scent hadn’t transferred to taste at all. However, neither could I taste the oils making it up, so no strong vegetable oil taste, it was just a light neutral taste. Which is a definite improvement on some massage oils I have used.

Will definitely be adding this Strawberry Massage Oil to my box of lotions and potions.



Although I was disappointed the beautiful scent didn’t travel to the taste, it was still very pleasant to use. It is definitely one I would use again.


*This item was purchased by myself. This is an honest and unbiased review of it. There are no affiliate links in this review.

MEO Cock Candy Oral Sex Gel And Lubricant

Oral Sex Gel

MEO Cock Candy is a flavoured lube to be used for oral sex.

Meo cock candy

MEO Cock Candy

Cock Candy from MEO is a flavoured gel for use during oral sex. This oral sex gel can be used on either genitals, and it does also state it is safe for vaginal and anal as well as oral sex. However, given that it contains glycerin, and sodium sacharin I would be cautious using it internally. I’ve tried various flavoured lubes before, and I do have a favourite, so MEO Cock Candy had a lot to live up to. In some cases they did great in others not so much.

I was sent five flip-top 30ml bottles. I love the size of these, great for travel, and if you like to keep a few flavours on hand the smaller bottles ensure it won’t go off before you’ve used it. I received a selection of flavours; vanilla, cherry, strawberry-kiwi, strawberry, and Pina Colada.When I opened them each tube smelt strongly of the flavour it said, I also found each gel was coloured accordingly, and I kinda liked that. It really backed up the ‘candy’ aspect.

Meo cock candyWhen I squirted some out it had a lovely consistency, and I found a blob the size of a 10p piece (or quarter if you’re in the US) was the perfect amount for a blow job. It does keep the colour even when being spread around so the green Strawberry-kiwi looked quite funky. But lets be honest you don’t really care what it looks like, this product is all about the taste, and MEO have got that spot on..

MEO Cock Candy certainly lives up to it’s name. It really does taste like candy (or sweets for the Brits). I absolutely loved the Cherry flavour, the taste reminded me strongly of the cherry drop sweets I loved as a kid. I could have sucked this flavour for hours. The vanilla reminded me of cupcakes, or butter icing and I could slurp it happily. I also really liked the strawberry-kiwi, it had a slight sharpness that was very pleasant. I found the strawberry, and the pina colada flavours were both very sweet tasting, a little too sweet for my tastes but they were true to the flavour. The strawberry reminded me of red liquorice, and the pina colada made me think of beaches, and holidays.


I did really like the MEO Cock Candy; the flavour and consistency are great. My only real complaint is with the ingredient list. The glycerin and sacharin mean that I probably wouldn’t add these to my frequent use list but I definitely think they would make an occasional appearance when I want to add some extra fun.


*This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Meo cock candy

Product Review – Vanilla Kissable Massage Oil

Lovehoney Kissable Massage Oil – Vanilla


I’ve been trying to find a good ‘edible’ massage oil for a while……mostly out of laziness, it’s such a pain having to switch to another product when a massage turns sexy, or to put up with the horrible taste of normal massage oil when you give a blow job after. However, so many of the edible options out there either don’t work for a full body massage because they are just too sticky, or they taste terrible, or they’re full of all sorts of crazy chemicals. There are other edible massage products out there that I would still like to try but at least I now have a go to product.

I really did love this Kissable Massage Oil, which is probably not surprising given how much of a fan I am of Lovehoney‘s flavoured lubes. They seem to have the perfect balance when it comes to flavours. A hint without it being that sickly over powering flavour that can taste almost chemical.

This ‘kissable’ massage oil smells gorgeous; the vanilla scent is sweet and delicate, even when warmed the smell never gets over powering. When I opened the bottle and removed the leak-proof stopper, the aroma was pleasant, scenting the room without flooding it. I found the taste was even more subtle; with just a hint of vanilla flavouring the carrier oil blend. I’m not saying I’d drink this but the flavour is pleasant enough that it works really well when a massage gets extra sexy.  You do still get a slight underlying taste of oil but the vanilla masks it enough that it never gets too much.

This vanilla kissable massage oil comes in two sizes, and the smaller one is perfect for popping in your toiletry bag for sexy weekends away, however it does have a screw cap as opposed to the click cap on the larger bottle, which can make it difficult to refasten when you have the oil on your hands. Both size bottles do include a special little seal under the cap so you can travel without worrying about spillage, or so they can be stored horizontally. I thought this was a nice touch, as the large bottles are slightly too tall to be stored upright in my drawer.

I found the oil also lasted well; a small amount warmed in your hand was more than enough to do a full back massage. After doing two massages the bottle is still really, not even empty to the top of the label. I really liked that this massage product didn’t leave greasy or slimy feel like some massage products can, or a sticky residue like many lubes can. It left my skin feeling soft, silky, and nicely moisturised afterwards. As a combo product I was really impressed with this Vanilla kissable massage oil, it ticked both all the boxes as both a massage and lubrication product.

Technical information for those who like to know, it is paraben and glycerine free, suitable for vegans, and also has no artificial sweeteners. Finding a flavoured product that doesn’t include artificial sweeteners seems to be a bit of a holy grail.

Overall: I really liked this product. It will definitely have a permanent place in my lotions and potions. I can’t wait to try some of the other flavours.


 New Lovehoney logo

Watching His Cock Part 3 – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #4

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Watching His Cock. I’m continuing last week’s story, so I thought I’d give it a go. Hope you like it. You can find Part one here, and Part two here.


watching his cock

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Watching His Cock Part 3

I slide my fist along his shaft, stroking slowly. Feeling the smoothness of his skin, the ridges of vein, the hard swell of blood, the way it twitches when I tighten my grip. He rolls onto his back, his eyes closing as his head falls back onto the pillow, and he lets out a small moan. I keep stroking my hand sliding up and down his shaft, tightening my grip towards the head. While my other hand reaches up to tweak his nipple, pinching and pulling it. I’m watching his cock, and when it twitches again I lean over, and swipe my tongue across the tip, licking up the drops of pre-cum spilling out.

He breathes out an “Oh Fuck.” And I slide my lips over the head flicking my tongue across the tip as I suck. I move my mouth down, taking in as much of his length as I can, gagging slightly as he hits the back of my throat. I gently cup his balls, rolling them in my palm, as my other hand curls around the base of his shaft, squeezing slightly so I feel him throb in my mouth.

His breathing is shallow, almost panting, and I know he’s close but I’m not ready for him to come again yet. When I pull back my mouth makes a popping sound as it comes over the head, his cock twitches as the air hits it, the wetness cooling him. He opens his eyes to look at me, and I smile at him, my hand slowly working his shaft. I let my thumb rub over the tip, mixing saliva and pre-cum together. Keeping eye contact I push to my knees and straddle his hips.


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