Strawberry Massage Oil from Lovehoney

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“Strawberries and… cream? This deliciously scented (and flavoured) strawberry massage oil is perfect for a slow, sensual massage, either for rapturous foreplay, or simply for relaxation. And, for an added sensation, why not try slowly licking it off your lover’s bare skin?

To use, simply warm a few drops in your hands, and gently work into your lover’s skin. Why not give your lucky lover a rapturous massage as part of your weekend fun?”

From Lovehoney

strawberry massage oil

Strawberry Massage Oil from Lovehoney

When you open the bottle the strawberry scent rushes out and permeates the room. It’s a true sharp strawberry scent with just a hint of sweetness. I really liked it.

This massage product is full of lots of natural oils, it’s free from parabens, and glycerine. It is also vegan friendly. And a big one for me it contains NO artificial sweeteners.

The bottle comes with a special stopper to prevents leakages, and I’ve stored the bottle horizontally without any issues.

The oil goes on smoothly, and not much is needed for a back massage. Warming it slightly makes it go even further. Once on it is nice and light, not overly slippery. It leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised rather than greasy or sticky.

It was easy to wash out of bedding/towels too. And I found after showering it off my skin still felt softer.

My only downside to this was the taste. It didn’t have one. The gorgeous strawberry scent hadn’t transferred to taste at all. However, neither could I taste the oils making it up, so no strong vegetable oil taste, it was just a light neutral taste. Which is a definite improvement on some massage oils I have used.

Will definitely be adding this Strawberry Massage Oil to my box of lotions and potions.



Although I was disappointed the beautiful scent didn’t travel to the taste, it was still very pleasant to use. It is definitely one I would use again.


*This item was purchased by myself. This is an honest and unbiased review of it. There are no affiliate links in this review.

Enchant Me Eyelash Robe by Lovehoney


Enchant Me Eyelash Robe

enchant me eyelash robeThe Lovehoney Enchant Me Eyelash Robe came packaged in a clear plastic bag, inside a plain brown padded envelope. This very discreet outer packaging is exactly what I have come to expect from Lovehoney, however it would have been nice to have had the option for the robe to be boxed, if it was for a gift.

On opening it I was disappointed to find the material felt a little bit rough, or maybe scratchy is a better description. I gave it a hand-wash in the sink with some fabric conditioner, and it softened beautifully. Leaving me with a lovely silky feeling robe.

The Lovehoney Enchant Me Eyelash Robe has a pretty scalloped lace edging on the hem, sleeves, and sides which looks really nice, and gives it a more classic look. It has small loops on either side to hold the belt in place, and the belt sits nicely on the hips when it’s tied.Enchant Me Eyelash Robe

I really liked how sheer this was; I’ve had items before that were either too sheer, or not sheer enough. This item manages to get the balance spot on. You could see the outline of my underwear, and my figure but it hid all the lumps and bumps I am paranoid about. I’m 5’4″ and this came to roughly mid-thigh on me, which is quite a comfortable length.

I loved how sexy the Lovehoney Enchant Me Eyelash Robe looked thrown on over underwear. Wearing it actually helped me feel more sexy.  Due to current circumstances (I live in a shared house) I probably wouldn’t wear this anywhere except the bedroom but for those who live alone, or with just their partner/s it would be great to slip on for post sex fridge raiding.

I only have one real complaint with this item, and it is more for other people than for myself. I just wasn’t convinced by  the sizing. I received the ‘Queen Size’ version of this robe which supposedly fits sizes 18-24. I’m a size 18 and this just fit around me, with maybe 2 inches of overlap if it was pulled tight. Therefore I’m really not sure how well it will fit on someone who is a size 24.


Apart from the possible sizing issue I think this is a great robe at a great price. The look and feel is sexy, stylish, and comfortable. I really liked this one.

Enchant Me Eyelash Robe   enchant me eyelash robe   enchant me eyelash robe

Product Review – Tantus Perfect Plug

So a while ago I was lucky enough to receive a fabulous box of goodies from Tantus. I reviewed the G-Force almost straight away but the box containing a butt plug was put to one side.  I did think that the Perfect Plug was very cute and non-threatening but I still wasn’t sure I was ready to do anything with the ‘virgin territory’ that was my ass.

But then last week I just suddenly decided I wanted to try it. I grabbed some anal lube (I got a few tubes free at ETO) and the Perfect Plug. I slathered the insertable part with lube, and I was amazed at how easily it slipped in.


Business card for size reference

It helps that the Perfect Plug is made from Tantus‘ signature 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. It has a super-smooth finish, and is almost velvety to the touch, the finish also means it doesn’t collect dust. At its widest part it is less than an inch in diameter so it is ideal as a beginner or warm-up plug. If you’re at all nervous about trying something anally (which I really was) the Perfect Plug is a perfect size. I actually think I could have probably managed something slightly bigger.

Once it was in I found it very comfortable to wear. I only really noticed it when I moved around. I did use my doxy to have an orgasm while it was in and it felt a bit stronger than normal but nothing spectacular. I still need to try it in conjunction with an internal vibrator to see how different that feels, and I will update this review when I have done so.

I used a water-based lube specifically for anal use. Anal lubes tend to be a bit thicker and more viscose than normal lubes, so they last longer which you need. Too much dryness or friction can cause tearing and that is the last thing you need.

Being made of silicone the Perfect Plug was very easy to clean, warm water and anti-bacterial soap, then a spritz with some toy cleaner after. And if you are at all worried, or it does start to smell you can always put it in a bowl of hot water with a splash of bleach.

This item was sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review.  You can also buy the Perfect Plug as part of Kit with the Perfect Plug Plus. If you do decide to buy, please support my blog by using the links in this review.