2017 Review

A Round Up of the Year

Welcome to my 2017 Review. This round-up of the year on HornyGeekGirl follows on from last year’s round-up. I’ve included info I got from my stats page as well my personal thoughts on the year for me.

2017 review

2017 Review

I’ve had a strange year. I went vegan again after a decade, I met some amazing new people, I lost a few friends to distance, and yet again I found myself cast in the role of the amazing disposable girl. At this point I really think it must be me, I did as much as I could not to repeat the same mistakes, and yet still find myself ending up in the same place. Not sure what I can do differently going forward, and not sure I can be bothered to keep fighting for people who don’t do the same for me. However, I do have some great friends, and I am actually doing pretty well.

My hair is still PURPLE. I still LOVE it!!!! I feel more like me than I have for a long time.

I’ve stepped up the reviews and writing for my film and book website, and actually have quite a good rhythm down for it, I also launched my food and travel website. I’ve managed to find an e-commerce job I love, it’s currently only temporary but I’m hopeful that I can do what I’ve been asked and it can all turn around and become something great. I’m also trying to pitch to more magazines, online and print, as well as website blogs. It’s something I struggle with but if I am going to make this whole freelance thing work I need to be pushing myself more.

I want to try and post here on HGG at least once a week this year. I lost my way a bit in the sex blogging world, I because disillusioned with some aspects of it. I was so positive after attending Eroticon at the beginning of the year but things went awry, I lost some of my enthusiasm and momentum. I want to try and find that again.

General Stats

  • Overall have had a 17.12% increase in my views from 2016
  • HGG has been viewed from 170 different countries around the World
  • I wrote 47 posts in 2017 which is less than in 2016

Top 5 Viewing Countries

  • United States – 43%
  • United Kingdom – 22%
  • Canada – 6%
  • Australia – 5%
  • Germany – 3%

Top 5 Search Terms

  • Sexy Masturbation Stories
  • Phone Erotic
  • Finger Fucking
  • Satisfyer Pro 2
  • Mutual Masturbation

Top 5 Review Posts

Top 5 Erotica

Top 5 Referrers

For this section I am only counting other bloggers, not websites, or social media referrals. So this 2017 review section is other bloggers whose links have brought people to my website.


I hope you enjoyed my 2017 Review. Here’s to a FABULOUS 2018.

Pocket Pulse from HotOctopuss


The Pocket Pulse is the latest offering from award winners, Hot Octopuss. Launched in September 2013, PULSE was different to any other toy that had come before it. By creating a toy based on medical technology, that looked more like a luxury piece of industrial design than a sex toy, Hot Octopuss changed the way sex toys were perceived, winning multiple awards in the process. They sit at the cutting edge of sex toy design, taking concepts, technology and materials from outside the adult industry in order to bring pleasure products into the 21st Century.
Their aim is to create products that go beyond conventional thinking, designed to fit in with people’s lifestyles, not just their bedrooms.

pocket pulse pocket pulse Pocket Pulse

Pocket Pulse

When I reviewed the PULSE my biggest complaint was the size and weight, in my little hands it just felt too unwieldy for me to use properly. Hot Octopuss are addressing that problem with the Pocket Pulse. Same great idea but updated and pocket sized for your convenience.

pocket pulse  pocket pulse pocket pulse

The Pocket PULSE uses two large vibration motors which in tandem, deliver incredibly deep and powerful vibrations.
This lightweight stroker, which is held against the penis with a flexible arm, will take your masturbation technique to the next level– power in the palm of your hand.
Lightweight and versatile, the Pocket PULSE can be used flaccid or erect and is completely waterproof.
The Pocket PULSE Remote, with its additional remote control, offers flexibility for solo users as well as a heightened level of fun for couples play as your partner takes control.


Differences between the PULSE III and the Pocket PULSE

PULSE III uses a patented “piston”- like system to deliver a completely unique sensation. This ‘tapping’ – also known as oscillation – can only be achieved with toys which utilise PulsePlate technology. While the Pocket PULSE uses two large, conventional vibration motors which in tandem deliver incredibly deep and powerful vibrations. It’s the closest you can get to the intensity of PULSE III but in a lightweight, compact toy.

pocket pulse pocket pulse Pocket pulse pocket pulse pocket pulse pocket pulse pocket pulse pocket pulse

Be the first to own the Pocket PULSE!

If you buy the Pocket PULSE, Pocket PULSE Remote or any other sex toy including the Queen Bee and PULSE III direct from www.hotoctopuss.com, you can use the code HGG15 at checkout to get 15% off!
Or if you’d like to try winning one, enter Hot Octopuss’s giveaway. To be in with a chance, all you need to do is follow on @HotOctopuss on Twitter and follow the instructions in their pinned tweet.


*Disclaimer – Hot Octopuss are one of my advertisers. Please support my website by clicking the links, having a look, and buying their product.

WeVibe Nova

Duel-Stim Vibrator

The WeVibe Nova is a duel stimulation vibrator from this luxury sex toy manufacturer. WeVibe makes one of my all-time favourite ‘pocket’ vibes, the Touch, it is the toy I reach for most often. This company seem to really understand the products they’re making, and they try their best to deliver what people want. Even more importantly they appear to appreciate that not every vibrator will work for everyone, so they put out what might look like similar products but that work very differently.

Combines the pleasure of G-spot stimulation with powerful clitoral vibration. The unique design flexes with movement to stay in contact with your clitoris.
Nova rumbles like no other dual stimulator. The easy-to-use controls let you get the feeling just right. Increase or decrease the intensity or turn off the G-spot or clitoral vibration.
Mix it up to try new combinations, and make sure to take Nova in the bath or shower for a truly sensual experience.

From WeVibe

WeVibe nova

WeVibe Nova

I’m not a huge fan of “rabbit style” vibrators (they just never seem to reach the right places or do what they’re supposed to), so I wasn’t sure how I would get along with the Nova. WeVibe have dispensed with the traditional clitoral stimulation of “rabbit ears”, and instead have added a flexible curved arm. It was hard to picture how it was supposed to work so I was curious to see it in the person.

wevibe nova

In person it is just as weird as it sounds. The clitoral arm is super curved and bendy but not as flexible as I expected. The shape of the main shaft is strange too, very narrow at the neck with a bulbous head. This head also has a humped shape to the bulb that is great for g-spot stimulation.

wevibe nova wevibe nova

The idea is that you bend the end of the clitoral arm in on itself so the point will stay in contact with your clit when you are thrusting. I totally understand the thinking behind this design, as the problem most people have with rabbit style toys is that the “ears” lose contact with the clit when you thrust. This issue is supposed to be solved with the bendy arm, and for many (like GirlyJuice, Dangerous Lilly, MissRubyReviews) it worked perfectly but I have to admit I still struggled with it. The clitoral arm just didn’t work with my body, it felt too pinpoint. I also managed to make it spring out of place on multiple occasions. I definitely think this was me though, not the toy because I know other reviewers didn’t have the same issue.

wevibe nova wevibe nova

I found the vibrations were strong and mostly rumbly, some settings did seem a bit more buzzy, and I definitely felt like the clitoral arm vibrations were stronger. I had a bit of trouble with the controls, a problem which can probably be solved by using the app on your phone but I needed two hands to use the WeVibe Nova, so this wasn’t really an option. The buttons just seem to disappear, they’re not quite raised enough that you can feel them properly when the toy is inserted, and I accidentally changed the pattern instead of intensity a few times.

wevibe nova

The one thing I truly loved about the WeVibe Nova was the magnetic charging cable. They have got the connection perfect, it stays in place during charging even when you knock the table it’s on. So many toys haven’t looked at how their magnetic charger connects closely enough, and as a result the connection is too loose. On this vibrator it is perfect.

wevibe nova wevibe nova

I liked the insertable portion of the WeVibe Nova but the clitoral arm just got in my way. The curved bulbous head nestled perfectly against my g-spot but not if I inserted it to it’s full length. I think you will know if this is likely to work with your body.

wevibe nova


Much as I really wanted to love this toy it just didn’t work for me. The vibrations are good and rumbly. It is a reasonably quiet, and fully waterproof so easy to clean. If you really want a rabbit vibrator and your clit likes pinpoint stimulation, I think this is one of the better options.


*I was given the Nova by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review does NOT contain affiliate links.

WeVibe Rave

Internal Vibrator

The WeVibe Rave is one of the vibrators from luxury sex toy manufacturer We-Vibe. This company makes one of my all-time favourite ‘pocket’ vibes, the Touch, it is the toy I reach for most often. They seem to really understand these things, and try their best to deliver what people want. And more importantly they appear to get that not every vibe will work for everyone, so they put out what might look like similar products but that work very differently.

Rave’s unusual asymmetric shape makes finding your G-spot effortless. Press down gently on the ergonomic handle for firm, satisfying G-spot pressure.

A new dimension to internal stimulation. Add a twist to feel Rave’s pleasure edges stimulate the most sensitive parts of your vagina. Or use a pleasure edge for precise external stimulation.
Rave’s deep, rumbly vibrations satisfy your G-spot. The powerful vibrations are also perfect for clitoral stimulation.
From WeVibe
wevibe rave

WeVibe Rave

Before receiving the WeVibe Rave I was curious about it. The unusual shape and design combined to make me interested in finding out how it worked. I thought it was double-ended but it isn’t, and the insertable part is the wider end.  I sometimes have a problem with girth, so I was a bit worried about this.
wevibe rave

In the box you get the Rave, USB charging cable, storage bag, instructions, and a sachet of lube. The charging cable connects with one of those push pins. I have to admit I don’t really like them, I always feel like I’m going to break the toy, and it’s never clear (especially with longer pins) how far in you are supposed to push them. I also think this connection may be the reason the Rave is only splash-proof and not fully waterproof, something I find quite disappointing. You can still wash it with soap and water, and you’d probably get away with using it in the shower but it isn’t safe to fully submerse it for using in the bath. It’s a fairly small niggle but it is there. I just can’t understand why when so many of their other toys are waterproof they made this only splash-proof.

wevibe rave wevibe rave

I love how tactile WeVibe toys are, they make me want to pick them up and touch them. The silicone is matte finish, and it feels almost silky under your fingers. However, without lube it does have a slight drag to it, which I tend to find a lot with matte finish toys. There is only one word I could find to adequately cover how I felt about the shape, it’s weird. I think they have based the shape off the Laid D2 (who the WeVibe parent company acquired), it is asymmetrical, which may bother some people but I found it quirky, and I could immediately see the potential for g-spot stimulation.

wevibe rave wevibe rave

wevibe rave wevibe rave

I needed some warming up before using the WeVibe Rave internally but luckily it is perfectly designed to also be clit friendly (whether intentionally or not). It is very easy to use it externally, and then slide it down to use internally. I really liked being able to do this. It’s not a big deal but usually I end up having to mess around juggling two vibrators, and trying not to knock either on the floor. This was a nice bit of relief from that. The shape worked best for me when inserted, and then either rocked with the handle, or twisted. This gave my g-spot two differing sensations, and playing about with them was a lot of fun, I still can’t decide which sensation I liked best, the pressure or the rub.

wevibe rave

WeVibe describe this as whisper quiet. I’m not quite sure I can agree with that but it was quiet enough that it wasn’t obtrusive, and it definitely couldn’t be heard from another room. It took about 90 mins to fully charge, and that lasted a good few hours (it actually still has life now and it’s been used a lot). Like the other newer items in the WeVibe range, the Rave is compatible with the WeVibe app. I didn’t play with this much because I need both hand to hold my phone but I also need a hand to hold the vibrator.

wevibe rave


I loved the Rave. From my first use it earned it’s place in my favourite toys drawer alongside my Touch. I’m not sure the shape will work for everyone but for me it was really good.


*I was given the Rave by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review does NOT contain affiliate links.


Pro Deluxe from Satisfyer

Clitoral Stimulator

Review of the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe. I loved the Satisfyer Pro 2 but what did I think of the Pro Deluxe?

The refined, luxury vibrator Satisfyer Pro Deluxe to apply brings a touch of elegance to the bedroom. This handy little gem stimulates contact-free with exciting pressure waves and lies nicely in the hand thanks to the oval shape. The time and place are irrelevant thanks to rechargeable batteries.

From Satisfyer.com


Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

I wanted to love the Pro Deluxe, before I got it I loved the look. The shape seemed to be better, and it looked nicer than previous Satisfyer models. When it arrived I wasn’t disappointed. The size of it felt perfect in my hand, and I liked the shape, it was comfortable to hold, and sat nicely against my body.

pro deluxe   pro deluxe

I charged the Pro Deluxe (it comes with a magnetic USB charging cable) for about 6 hours when I first received it. But after that first charge it has only needed 60-90 minutes to charge up, and each charge gives 1-2hrs play time (roughly).

pro deluxe

The Pro Deluxe is unique from other Satisfyers, in that the nozzle is barely there. It doesn’t really stand out from the body at all; it is still silicone, and still removable but is there purely to help create a seal around the clit when in use.

Like the other Satisfyer models the Pro deluxe is fully waterproof, which makes it easy to clean, and using it underwater can heighten the sensations. I found the button placement slightly awkward, and was also frustrated by the fact that there is only one button. It has 11 settings so having just one button to scroll through them all and to turn it on/off is pretty frustrating.

pro deluxe

Now while I understand what they were trying to do with this, it just really didn’t work for me. The shape combined with the lack of nozzle meant I struggled to get a good seal. I also found it quite noisy, and it just wasn’t as powerful as the Pro 2. I could barely feel the flickering sensation because I needed to turn the setting so high it seemed to disappear.


It just wasn’t for me but if you prefer a gentler sensation then this might be a good one for you to try.


*I was given the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe by Satisfyer in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review does not contain affiliate links.