Watching Him Harden Part 6 – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #7

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday., Watching Him Harden. I’m continuing last week’s story. Hope you like it. You can find links to the previous instalments here.

watching him hardenHas everyone recovered from last week’s celebration? I thought we’d go a little softer and gentler for this week’s prompt.

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt.

Readers – check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.


Watching Him Harden Part 6

He moves back onto his side, laying next to me. He strokes my body as I come back down. My body is limp, as if someone has removed my bones, I don’t move except for the occasional shiver runs through my body. I can feel his hand on my skin, the buzz of my squirting orgasm making everything extra sensitive. Although his touch is cautious, gentle, soothing I still whimper when nears my nipples, my neck, or my cunt, the sensations still too much for me to handle.

I finally get control back in my arms, I flex my fingers a few times feeling the blood flow and the muscles stretch. I reach out to touch him, running my hand up his arm, over his shoulder, across his chest. My fingers playing over his nipples, enjoying the way his breath hitches when I let my fingernail flick over the hard bead. I roll onto my side facing him, and let my other hand drift down his stomach to where his cock is still standing half at attention. The end glistening pre-cum, I touch two fingers to it, stroking them over the head of his cock, letting them spread it. Running my palm over it, slicking my hand to easily wrap it around his shaft and stroke him, watching him harden.

His cock thickens further, twitching in my fist. I feel a pulse deep inside me, and I know I can’t hold out any more. I need to feel him in. To feel him fill me. Hot, hard, throbbing. To feel myself clenching around him. To feel him driven to the edge, pushed over it. To feel him coming inside me. I meet his eye, kissing him hard, before rolling onto my back. My hand is still holding his cock as he positions himself over me, I tilt my hips, guiding his cock in. I move my hands to his back, stroking him. He pushes deeper into me, and as I feel him filling me I grab him, my nails cutting into his back.



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Watching Me Cum Part 5 – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #6

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Watching Me Cum. I’m continuing last week’s story. Hope you like it. You can find links to the previous instalments here.


watching me cumOMG, y’all! We did it! We made it to week 52. Our masturbation baby is a year old! (Wait, something about that doesn’t sound right…)

Okay, so here’s what I need you to do:

Writers – write your hottest, smuttiest, best stuff. Then blast this to everyone. No shame allowed on Masturbation Monday!

Readers – read, comment, and SHARE All The Things, or at least some of them. If nothing else, read a few, have a wank, and then get back to reading!

Watching Me Cum Part 5

I feel like my entire body is vibrating, as he continues to circle my clit with his thumb, slowly sliding one finger in and out of my soaking cunt. His other hand is cupping a boob, and he pinches my nipple. Twisting and pulling it until I am whimpering. His breath is heavy on my ear, as he nuzzles my neck; nipping and sucking. I moan as his lips hit that sweet spot along my collar-bone.

“Are you gonna come for me, babe?” He slides a second finger in alongside the first, and finally allows his thumb to brush over my clit. A shock shoots through me and my breath hisses out, as I grab the sheet beneath me, scrunching it in my fist. The first wave of orgasm hits me, rolling over me as I gasp and wriggle. He moves his fingers in and out, teasing me some more, his thumb brushing over my swollen clit, and I feel the next wave building in me.

He slides back, letting me roll on to my back and dips his head to suck in a nipple while a hand keeps working my dripping cunt. He hooks his fingers slightly, and starts moving them in a rocking motion. He puts the fingers of his other hand against my clit and starts rubbing faster. He lifts his head, watching me cum. I can feel the waves of my orgasm building, and as one peaks I gasp out begging him not to stop. When he drops his head down again, my hand curves around the back of it, while my other clutches the sheet underneath me.

I moan, my breathing shallow, as his fingers move faster, and harder. His mouth is hot on my nipple, sucking it. When he bites it pulling up and tugging hard, the waves building in me crash down. My body spasms, muscles tightening before I come hard, squirting over his fingers. And my body relaxes, my arms dropping down, as I try to remember to breathe.


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Watching Her Wank Part 2 – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #3

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday., Watching Her Wank. A few people requested I follow-up last weeks story, so I thought I’d give it a go. Hope you like it. You can find Part one here.


Watching her wank

She looks like she’s having fun, doesn’t she?

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt.

Watching Her Wank Part 2

I pushed the door a little wider and squeezed through the gap. He smiled as he watched me walking towards him but when I got close enough to reach for him he shook his head.
“It’s my turn to watch…first take your clothes off.” I slowly unfastened my jacket, moving to lay it over his desk chair. With my back to him I slipped off my shoes, and unzipped my skirt. Letting it drop to the floor before slowly bending to pick it up and laying it over my jacket. I grip the hem of my t-shirt and pull it over my head, folding it and putting it on the chair.  Turning to face him I reach behind me, unfastening my bra, sliding the straps down my arms, and pulling it off, dropping it on the chair.

His eyes are fixed on me as I walk towards him. He moves to the far edge of the bed, giving me room to lie down next to him. I lay on my back, playing with my tits. My hands cup and squeeze them, then I pinch my nipples. I start to move my hand down but knowing he’s watching I become self-conscious, and stop. My hand hovering over my stomach, I bite my lip, frozen. He reaches over placing his hand over mine, moving it down, sliding it under the waist of my knickers. As he removes his hand he lets his fingers catch on my knickers pulling them down, and holding them.
“They’re so wet. You must have really enjoyed watching me.” I nod. “Show me how much. Close your eyes and think about watching me again”.

I close my eyes letting my hand move down over the downy curls. Brushing over my swollen clit, as my fingers slip easily along my slit, the juices making it easy to slide two fingers into me. I let my thumb circle my clit, as I slowly thrust in and out with two fingers. My other hand is tweaking my right nipple, pinching and tugging harder as the orgasm I need builds. I arch my back pushing harder and harder against my hand, rocking my hips back and forth feeling the pulsing throb in my cunt. I let out a moan, as I feel the pressure pushing down inside me. An animal growl tears from my throat as I come hard, squirting over my hand, leaving a patch on his sheet.

I relax my body and open my eyes, looking at him. He’s smiling, his hand still gripping my knickers, which his erection twitches.
“I guess you enjoyed watching me too.” I grin as I reach out and grip his cock.


If you’d like to know what happened next you can read part 3 of Watching Her Wank here.

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Wild Thing — Wicked Wednesday #7

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my eight post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Wild Thing. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:

wild thing

We have something totally different as a prompt for this week… or maybe not so different.

There are so many kinds of hormones in the human body, of which estrogen and testosterone may be the ones we will name first when asked. However, there’s a lot more, like aldesterone that regulates the kidney function, insulin that decreases blood sugar, thyroxin that promotes metabolism, oxytocin that triggers childbirth and many more. Any kind of hormone imbalance, whether in men or in women, can cause quite an upset body. This week, Wicked Wednesday is all about hormones, whether sexy hormones or irritating ones. Share sexy stories, true stories, advice… share your hormones with us!

Information source: Askville
Photo source: Acne Einstein


Wild Thing

I’d just finished a session with my personal trainer, I’d staggered to the changing rooms and collapsed on a bench. By the time I’d chugged my green smoothie my energy had returned along with the horny feeling I always seemed to get from gym endorphins, it’s an almost wild thing feeling.
I grabbed my phone and sent a quick text, “I just finished at the gym….what time are you finishing work today?”
He replied so fast I hadn’t even had time to put my phone down, “Did you shower yet?”
“No, not yet. Was just refuelling.”
“Don’t shower. I’ll be at yours in an hour.” I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my bag, knowing I was grinning like an idiot.

I yank open the door before he even has chance to knock, he gives my gym outfit a once over and grins. Then his mouth is on mine, his hands on my arse as he moves me out of the doorway. The door slams shut and I back him against it, turning the lock as I bite his lip. Tugging his shirt out of his waist band and unbuttoning it. My hands clumsy in my rush to get him naked, I fumble slightly, and my frustration comes out with a growl. He tips his head back, pulling out of the kiss and looking at me. He’s laughing as his hands cover mine and he unfastens the rest of the buttons. I stretch up to kiss him again, my fingers pinching and tugging his nipple. I push his shirt off his shoulders, kissing and biting along his jaw line, down his neck, over his chest. When I bite his nipple he arches back against the door, sucking air in through his teeth.

I trace my fingers over his stomach as I get to my knees, undoing his belt, and popping the buttons on his fly. His cock free from the restraint bobs out to stand at attention. I lean my head forward licking along his shaft in a long stroke, then nipping and kissing a line above his groin. As I move back towards his cock, he shifts almost flinching, and I grin against him, before planting feathery kisses along his cock. Flicking my tongue over the tip, then sucking the head into my mouth. Sliding my lips down the shaft as far as I can then closing my mouth slightly as I pull back, keeping my teeth covered. I suck harder on the head, running the tip of my tongue around him, tasting him. Every time he moans my cunt throbs, and I feel myself getting wetter. I lean back, wrapping my hand around his cock, and stroking with a firm grip. I stand up keeping my hand moving and lick his nipples, moving between them watching them bead and pucker. His eyes are closed, and he’s resting a hand on the door handle, when I bite his nipple he grips it tighter, and I hear him breathe out one word, “fuck.”

With one hand still stroking his cock, I grab his waistband with the other, and move backwards towards the bedroom, pulling him with me.  When we get there I push him onto the bed, pulling his jeans off and dropping them on the floor. Then I push him back, and bend to suck his cock again; a quick lick, a wet slurp, and a suck on the head. Then I straighten pulling my tee off, his eyes are on me as I strip out of my gym clothes. I wave a hand and he moves further onto the bed, so I can straddle him. I grind against him, and arch my back pushing my tits into his face. He sucks one nipple into his mouth, running his tongue around the edge and sucking. I rub my wet cunt along his hard cock, pushing closer to his mouth, as I grind down against him. I can feel myself getting close and when he bites my nipple I come, gripping the bed frame as I say, “Don’t stop. Oh fuck. Please don’t stop.”

He pushes my tits together sucking both nipples into his mouth, and I moan, pushing them further into his mouth. Lifting my hips I reach a hand down between us gripping his cock, sliding the head along my wet slit. Listening to him moan I tease him some more but I can’t stand to tease myself, and I slide down onto his cock. Feeling him fill me, I growl again, I keep him inside, rocking back and forth, while my hand works my clit, and he sucks my nipples. When I come again I feel myself tighten around his cock, but it’s not enough, and I keep rocking wanting more. I ride him hard, like a wild thing, orgasms rolling through me again and again, until he finally comes with a groan.

We stay still for a minute and then with him still inside me I start rocking again, and he rolls us over, withdrawing and sliding his way down my body. He moves off the bed kneeling on the floor, and grabbing my legs to pull me towards him. He puts his mouth to my cunt, licking along the slit, then sucking at my swollen clit, he kisses along the inside of each thigh, biting and sucking. I moan and arch my back, my fingers digging into his arms where they’re wrapped around my thighs. When he slides two fingers into me I tighten around them, and he slides them in and out, causing me to moan, “Oh fuck. Yes. Oh god.” I can feel the pressure building, one hand is holding his arm, the other is clutching at the sheet under me, when he stops thrusting and using a rocking motion curls his fingers hitting my g-spot. My leg muscles spasm and I come hard, squirting over his hand and face.
“Fuck. Thank you.” I gasp out. He sits back grinning at me, my legs, and arms are flopped against the bed, as I blink at him a few times. ”
“Are you okay? You were a wild thing. I’ve not seen you like that before.” He looks concerned, and I start to giggle.
“I am more than okay. That was……oh fuck. That was goood.”


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