Morning Wood

Erotic Flash Fiction

I don’t know about you but I love the feeling of waking up to find his Morning Wood pressing against me, even if it’s just a one night stand with someone I met through a site like I still love that feeling.

morning wood

Morning Wood

I wake slowly, the sun slanting through the gap in the curtain, falls on the book on the bedside table. I can feel the weight of your arm resting across my waist. Your body snuggled against me, is radiating heat, and I wiggle closer trying to absorb it.  As my butt presses against you I smile, I can feel your morning wood between us. I know you’re still asleep and for a minute I consider waking you in a very nice way but I don’t know you well enough to assume you’d approve, so I decide to let you sleep.

I drift back to sleep, and when I wake up again, I know instantly that you’re awake. You’re pressing against me, rocking your hips. I think about rolling over but part of me is curious. I want to see what you will do, so I continue feigning sleep. I mumble and shift, as if caught in a dream, and you let go of me, rolling onto your back. I hold myself still listening to you.

I can tell you’re trying to be quiet, to not wake me. I expected you to start sorting yourself out but I can feel both your arms, one down between us, and one coming over your head. I wonder if you’re trying to go back to sleep, and for a while I think you have. Then I hear you sigh, and you move the arm that was between us.

I can still feel your upper arm pressed against me, and as you start to stroke yourself it rubs against my back. It’s a slow gentle movement, and my skin breaks out in goosebumps of arousal, as if I felt a sudden breeze. I open my eyes slightly looking down my body, and realise I can see you perfectly in the mirror covering the wardrobe door. You’re still lying flat on your back, head tilted upwards, one arm thrown over your face, so your forearm is covering your eyes. Your cock is standing straight up from your body, with only a slight curve towards your stomach.

As your fist moves up and down the shaft, you pull your cock, tugging it away from your stomach. Your movements are much firmer than I would have been, they’re almost rough. I watch you, fascinated by the way you touch yourself.  I can feel myself getting turned on, my nipples peaking as my cunt throbs. I want to wriggle to touch myself but I don’t want you to stop what you’re doing. I hold myself still, trying to keep my breathing even, hoping you won’t realise I’ve woken up.

I feel like a voyeur, watching you when you’re unaware but I’m too drawn in by your morning wood to care.  There is something delightful about watching you like this, it’s a glimpse into something that I don’t get to see often. When I ask someone to wank for me there is a certain level of self-consciousness because they know I’m watching, while that doesn’t spoil the view it definitely doesn’t give me the same thrill that watching you now does.

As his hand tugs and strokes his cock I feel a wet heat in me. His movements are becoming more jerky and uneven. Up to now his only movement has been his hand but now he arches his back thrusting into his fist, and I bite back a moan not wanting to disturb the show, as I press my thighs together tightly. My eyes are now wide open watching him. I’m torn between not wanting to move, and wanting to turn over and join in. He whispers “fuck” pushing his hips towards his hand as his stroking gets faster.

I know he must be close to coming and listening to him is causing an answering throb in my cunt, I pressed my lips together so I won’t moan. His fist tightens around his cock, squeezing hard, as he thrusts. A thick ribbon of cum spills over his fist onto his stomach, as he gives a loud grunt, and I jump. His hand relaxes to his side, and before I can react, he moves his arm from over his face, meeting my eyes in the mirror. I freeze, knowing it is obvious I’ve been watching him.
He starts to grin, “Is it still a one night stand if we have sex in the morning as well?”
I smile, “Oh yes, yes it is.”




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Quick Hand Job – Erotic Flash Fiction

Masturbation Monday #33

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Quick Hand Job. The inspiration was:

Quick Hand Job

Do you get the feeling she knows exactly what she wants? I think so…and now he’s clear on that, too. (Oh, and this is part of a larger gif set – you might want to check it out. Scroll down for the link.)

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Image via Tumblr

Quick Hand Job

He gave George a last spin as the song finished, spinning her into him. They were both breathing hard as she hugged him,”Have you been practising?”
He laughed, looking down at her, “I might have taken a few lessons.”
She hugged him again, and as a slow song started playing he wrapped his arms around her, only just hearing the thank you she whispered against his shoulder.

George had told him about the swing band her friend Mara had booked for her wedding reception, explaining that it was something they’d enjoyed together as kids. She’d offered to teach him a few steps but he hadn’t seemed that interested, so she didn’t mention it again. Now she felt like she was floating, she couldn’t believe he’d taken dance lessons for her.

Adrenaline was still coursing through her, and she felt a change inside her. The thrill of the dance becoming a flush of desire. Shifting her stance she pressed into him, angling herself so one hip pressed against him. She tilted her chin up to kiss him, a deep firm kiss that told him what she was feeling. As the song ended she wiggled against his crotch, smiling when she felt his cock twitch against her as it started to stiffen.
She stood on tiptoe to whisper in his ear, “Quick hand job?”

The walked hurriedly down the corridor, they ducked round a corner and found a dead end. They listened for a moment outside the door, and then he was kissing her. His hands inside her jacket, under her top, stroking over her stomach. She fumbled with his zip, glad for the loose fit of his dress trousers. His briefs restrained his erection, and she pushed her hand through the gap, allowing his cock to pop free.

She wrapped her hand around his shaft, squeezing and stroking it. He moaned, his hands cupping her breasts, squeezing them. When her nipples puckered he ran his fingertips over them, pinching as she squeezed his cock. Their breathing was ragged, his moans and hands combined were causing her cunt to throb. When he tugged one nipple extra hard she whimpered at the intensity of the next throb. He moved one hand sliding up her skirt, pressing her thighs apart, and stroking over her cunt. Finding her already slick with desire, he slipped a finger inside her. Circling his thumb over her clit until she leant forward, pressing her mouth against his shoulder to muffle her moans. Her hand clenching around his cock, moving faster as he pushed her towards the edge. As she came she bit his shoulder, and her knees weakened. He pulled his fingers out, moving them up to his lips, and sucking them.

She dropped to her knees, pressing her lips to the head of his cock. Opening them wide, and taking his cock into her mouth. She focussed on the head, keeping her hand working his shaft as she sucked him. She curled her tongue, flicking it against the underside of the head. He grabbed a fistful of her hair as he leant back against the wall. His breathing hitched, and she thought she heard him say her name. She moved her hand and slid her lips down his shaft. Taking in as much of him as she could, as she sucked. He grunted, and she felt the hot liquid spilling down her throat.

When he’d finished she pulled back, carefully tucking him back into his pants, and zipping up his trousers. He held a hand to help her stand. She placed her hand in his and as she rose they heard a sound from across the hall. They both looked over as the door in the opposite dead end clicked shut.



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Bondage Hand Job – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #18

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Bondage Hand Job. The inspiration was:

bondage hand job

You think this is hot? You should see the entire gif set (link below). Do you want to be him or the one doing it to him? Inquiring minds want to know…

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Image via Tumblr

Bondage Hand Job

“Do you trust me?” I’m lying naked on the bed, and he’s standing over me holding a scary looking bundle of leather and metal.
“You know I do.” We’ve never used restraints before but I trust him. He can practically tell what I’m thinking from my reactions and body language. I hold up the arm closest to him, and he steps forward, wrapping the cool leather around my wrist. Fastening the buckle he kneels next to the bad, and I hear clinking as my cuff is attached to the bed frame. He winks at me before giving it a tug, testing the firmness. I feel a shiver run through my body, and arousal stirs below my waist.

He moves slowly around the bed restraining my other arm and both ankles. Winking at me each time he tests the fastening, with every wink I feel myself getting harder. He tucks a pillow under my head, and moves to stand at the end of the bed. As he rolls his shirt sleeves up my stomach swoops, and my cock twitches. He looks at it and smiles, then reaches out to wrap his fist around my shaft. His grip is firm but not too tight. I know his touch well but he must have been learning some new tricks.

The way he’s moving his hand feels different, and it’s rushing everything that’s happening. The movements are causing shocks of sensation to run up my body. As he pulls my cock towards him, I arch my back and he pushes it back up against my stomach. Curling his hand  to rub over the head, and continuing this backwards and forwards as I writhe against the restraints pushing my chest up, as much as I can.  He squeezes his fist as he slides it upwards and I feel my balls, as heat rushes through me. I mutter out a few fucks, that turn into strangled grunts, as I shoot cum over his fist and up over my chest.


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Touching Myself – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #17

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Touching Myself. The inspiration was:

Touching myself

It’s more relaxing than a massage and scratches a few urges, too. Wishing I was right where she is. Bliss.

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Touching Myself

It started in the usual way, half asleep I rolled over and reached for you. You weren’t there but I could still smell you, I pulled your pillow over hugging it to me and inhaling your scent. It wasn’t a plan but I found my hand drifting lower, slowly stroking over my stomach, around the curve of my hip. Squeezing my arse and feeling the sting from the marks you left.

I grin into my pillow as I carefully stroke over the bruises, feeling the welts, outlining each one with my fingers, touching myself gently before delivering a sharp slap that sends a wave of pain and arousal through me. I flick my hand down onto my bruised cheek a few times, enjoying not just the feeling it arouses but also the memory of getting the marks. I can’t deliver the same impact that you do but the sting of reminder is enough to make my cunt throb and moisten.

I work myself slowly, allowing my arousal to build up without touching my cunt or clit. Alternating the sharp slaps with gentle stroking, the strokes started as soothing but now are just adding sensation. My face is buried in your pillow as I breathe in your scent, and after a slap that catches a welt perfectly I bite into it, stifling a moan. And the throbbing in my cunt increases tempo.

With a last stroke over my arse I slide my hand forward over my hip, across my stomach, down my abdomen to smooth over my mound and outer lips. Touching myself gently, feeling the wetness spilling out. I push two fingers between my lips, spreading my juices up to my clit, then back down, slipping them into my cunt, pushing in as far as I can, allowing my thumb to settle above my clit, not quite touching it. I slide my fingers in and out, feeling my muscles contract. Shivers run through my body and I hug your pillow tighter. When the orgasm starts to peak, I pause with my fingers inside me, and curl them slightly massaging my g-spot, and I drop my thumb to rub my clit.

The slight pressure on my clit combined with my g-spot stimulation pushes me over the edge, as I pull my fingers out my orgasm crashes over me, and I squirt over my hand. My other arm is locked around your pillow, pulling it with me as I fall onto my back. My breath is rattling out in little gasps, as shivers run through my body, causing my toes to curl.  I relax back and and fall asleep still hugging your pillow.



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Private Pool Show – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #16

Welcome to this week’s (very late) #MasturbationMonday, Private Pool Show. The inspiration was:

private pool show

Do you need some help with that? I’d be happy to take care of that…and everything else…for you. Rawr!

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Private Pool Show

I was sure the brochure had said private pool so I was thrown when I saw him. In all fairness I didn’t mind sharing with him, he was lovely. His tan was deep gold against the white linen on the sun bed padding. His blue jersey cotton shorts sat around his hips, showing off an expanse of stomach and drawing my eye to the line of hair from his chest disappearing under the waistband of his shorts. I followed the line down imagining where it finished. I watched, unsure if I was imagining the tenting of his shorts until his hand came up from his side, and gently rubbed over his cock.

I wanted to speak, to let him know I was here but my mouth was dry and I couldn’t form words. One hand held the tree beside me, as he stroked his cock with more intent squeezing and pulling, I felt the bark cutting in to my hand as my grip tightened. As his hand tugged and stroked his cock I felt a wet heat in me. When he arched his back thrusting into his fist, I bit back a moan not wanting to disturb my private pool show. He was still stroking through the outside of his shorts almost using them to add sensation, and I imagine a damp spot forming over the tip of his cock. I know my own pants are starting to feel wet, and I press my thighs together tightly.

I want to go to him; to add my hands to the mix, to slip my hand inside his short, to feel his hardness, the veins pulsing, the smoothness of his skin. To lift his cock out, and dip my head to taste the salty drops glistening at the tip. To roll a condom on him and then straddle his hips, sliding my throbbing cunt down his length. Letting my muscles squeeze him as I lift up, before sliding back down again. Riding him hard, his hands squeezing my breasts, pinching the nipples, lifting his head to suck one nipple into his mouth, biting and sucking, so my cunt throbs and tightens around his cock. I’ll moan and gasp as I come again and again, and the contracting of my cunt will push him over the edge, he’ll grunt a primal yell, the nipple in his mouth muffling the sound.

As the imagined orgasm pushes waves of feeling through me, my eyes refocus onto him, and I know he’s close to coming. His thrusts have become more frantic, pumping into his fist, and as he comes he moans, a deep guttural sound that pulses down inside me. He flops back his hand still cradling his cock, and for a minute I think he will fall asleep but instead he pushes up, standing, and slides his shorts off. He strides to the end of the pool, and stretches, his arms above his head, then bends and with a smooth movement dives into the pool. I watch for a moment more before I push myself from the support of the tree and slowly back away.

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