Sheets of San Francisco – Advertiser Spotlight


This post is shining a spotlight on one of my advertisers, Sheets of San Francisco. I first got to know Mark at ETO 2016, drinking in a bar tends to lend itself to making friends that way. I already knew about their sheets but hadn’t had the opportunity to really feel them, so this was my chance to see (and feel) them properly. I loved them so much I ended up hanging out with the team (and helping a little bit) at Sexhibition 2016.

sheets of san francisco sheets of san francisco

Sheets of San Francisco

When it came to creating their unique products, Sheets of San Francisco wanted to make a high quality product that felt great, as well as being functional.

One of the main differences about them at Sheets of San Francisco was their determination to create a high quality, premium product that felt great to use, yet was extremely practical and durable. Their team spent many months researching and developing unique fabrics and designs which have evolved into the innovative range of products they offer today. They think that says a lot about them and their ethos.
Their range of fitted sheets and flat throws utilise their high quality engineered fabrics to provide products that are not just fluid proof but have a range of additional qualities, being breathable, highly tactile with a great feel against the skin, yet extremely tough. Amazingly on top of all this their sheets are extremely easy to launder ready to go again and again.
Designed to cater for a range of interest from intimate massages to messy lube sessions and even food play wax-play and watersports our fluidproof sheets appeal across the spectrum.

From the concept, the Sheets of San Francisco range of fluid-proof has developed into two distinct ranges, made up of very different types and looks of fabrics along with a third Custom range. Their standard range offers all the technical benefits of their fabrics in a tough yet sensual range of fitted sheets and throws in a full range of sizes. Their printed range is unique in the market and offers all the same levels of practicality in beautiful high resolution designs.

One of the key things about Sheets of San Francisco is their commitment to local manufacture of their products. They manufacture here in the UK for the domestic and European markets. They firmly believe that manufacturing here in the UK both supports and provides jobs in our local community and also enables them to deliver high levels of quality along with responsive lead-times. Win Win all round.

From SoSF

sheets of san francisco sheets of San francisco


This last pic is just for fun because at Eroticon 2017 I was lucky enough to ‘baby sit’ Elvis, the Sheets of San Francisco bear. He is very tactile, and lovely to hold and cuddle. I took him on some adventures and he was also very photogenic.

sheets of San Francisco sheets of san francisco sheets of san francisco



*Disclaimer – Sheets of San Francisco are one of my advertisers. Please support my website by clicking the links, having a look, and buying their products.

Printed Funsheet from Sheets of San Francisco

Sheets of San Francisco

A Fluid-proof, silk feel, flat, digitally printed Funsheet Throw. With its high quality engineered digitally printed, tactile surface, this beautiful throw featuring our unique Strap 3 design can be used to protect whatever is underneath from all the rough and tumble of your play whilst looking fantastic and feeling great. Use it in the bedroom, throw it over the sofa or even lay it on the floor, the choice is yours for this versatile throw.

  • Fluid Proof
  • Breathable
  • Digitally printed
  • Tactile
  • Machine Washable.
  • Seam Free.
  • Made in US

Printed funsheet
printed funsheet

Printed Funsheet Review

I’d been coveting one of these sheets since I first saw them at ETO last year (2015). If I remember correctly they didn’t have a stand that year, I think Mark was carrying around samples and chatting about them. They felt great and I was very curious about how well they would protect a bed from various sex related……spillages. ;D  I spent the next year pestering poor Mark at every opportunity, and by pestering I mean reminding him that I really wanted to review a printed funsheet if the opportunity arose. And at ETO this year I was fortunate enough to be given that chance. There is a definite possibility I hugged the bag with the sheet in a few times on my journey home. I was very excited about testing it.

printed funsheet

The Printed Funsheet Throw I received is made from 3-ply, engineered, silk feel, printed polyester/polyurethane fabric. It measures 55 x 83 inches. As you can see in the above photo it has a fabulous strap pattern printed on it. I really liked this as it was just a bit different from having plain black. It covered my double bed perfectly. It feels luxurious, thicker than a normal sheet but not as heavy as a blanket. It’s really soft and comfortable to lie on.  I did wonder how something that didn’t feel even a little bit ‘shiny’ could be waterproof but those fears were totally unfounded, as I realised when I tested it.

printed funsheet

Before first use I threw it in the washer, you don’t have to do this, I just have raging paranoia and wash everything before I use it. Then I used it a few times for sexy fun. I actually found it was quite cooling to lay on, which was welcome in this heat. My partner even managed to get me to squirt, and I admit a little part of me was still sceptical until I pulled it back and found the bed underneath was completely dry.

I threw it in the wash and hung it out dry. Not sure what the neighbours thought…….and I honestly don’t really care. Lol.

My next phase of testing was a little more messy, although maybe not quite as fun. I grabbed wax play candles, lube, massage oil, and a bottle of water. I laid the Printed Funsheet Throw out on my bed and allocated a square to each medium. Then I set about messing up the sheet.

printed funsheet printed funsheet printed funsheet printed funsheet

After messing it up, and taking the photos I flexed the sheet to get off the thick of the wax, then used a scraper on the stubborn patches. Which left the wax square looking like this:

printed funsheet printed funsheet

I didn’t do anything else to the other squares. And I didn’t add any extra cleaning stuff to the wax or other squares. I just gathered it up, and threw it in the washing machine with my usual washing detergent. Then I hung it on the line to dry, be careful pulling it out of the machine, you may get some water run off if you’re not.

The water, oil, and lube all washed out perfectly. Unfortunately the wax I used had left the sheet very faintly stained.

printed funsheet

I did worry I may have damaged to integrity of the waterproofing but I tested the area and it was still perfect. I kind of like the spotty pattern I’ve managed to create.


I loved this. It was worth the wait. Even though I have managed to stain it, it doesn’t affect it’s use, and it was something I could feedback to Sheets of San Francisco, so they know for future. If you want a soft feel, flexible, waterproof throw that can be easily machine washed look no further; the Printed FunSheet from Sheets of San Francisco is ideal.


If you’d like to see one of these fabulous sheets in person, Mark and the team will be at Sexhibition this weekend (19th-21st August). Stop by and say hi.


*I was given the Printed Funsheet Throw by Sheets of San Francisco in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.