Nalone Wave Dual Stimulation ‘Rabbit’ Vibrator

Nalone Wave

The Nalone Wave is a sophisticated vibrator whose dual action motors create wave after wave of pleasure. Rotating beads and the super smooth silicone body combine to provide the most intense stimulation possible.

Nalone Wave

Key Product Features:

  • 5 Clitoral vibration modes

  • 7 Shaft & Head Vibration modes

  • 3 Wave Motion Speeds

  • Fully waterproof

  • Rechargeable

  • Super smooth silicone over ABS core

  • Full 1 year Nalone warranty

  • Insertable Length – 6”, Girth – 4.5”, clit arm – 2.5” long


I had some issues with the Nalone Wave and as such have put off writing this review, I wanted to give the company a chance to address the problems I had. I hate giving negative reviews especially when I think the idea behind the toy is a good one but it just didn’t work for me.

Considering the cost of the Nalone Wave I was very surprised at the build quality. I expect toys in this price range to be luxury items, and the only thing that felt luxurious about this sex toy was the storage pouch that came with it. The handle casing is poorly put together with obvious ‘glued’ joints (photos below). The whole thing just feels cheap, like I could snap it in half if I tried, which considering how strong some people’s kegel muscles are is not a good thing. The product information states that it is silicone over an ABS plastic core but I can’t find any more details on the silicone itself. It is silky to the touch with no drag. It does however retain a slight odour, even after multiple washes, uses, and sprays with toy cleaner.

Nalone Wave

Nalone Wave is a dual stimulation, ‘rabbit-style’ vibrator with beading to stimulate a wave motion, and a head that ‘thrusts’. The shaft is fairly straight, with the same girth at the top as the bottom. The tip does have a ‘head’ shape, and you can feel the grooves and texture from the internal ‘beads’. The clit arm is very flexible; the bullet is in the end with the wires joining it, so it can be bent in any direction. It has a four-button control system which is one of the things I liked; there is a power button, then you have a button to control each of the functions (so one for shaft vibration, one for wave motion, and one for clitoral arm vibration). So each function can be worked independently. This is a great idea for dual-stimulation toys.

Nalone wave

The Nalone Wave took around three hours to fully charge, and this charge lasted a good few sessions. You charge it with a USB adaptor, and the charging port has a waterproof cover. Nalone say it is fully waterproof but given the seams on the handle I haven’t tested this. I also noticed there is an obvious seam on the shaft and head of the vibrator, I can feel it with my fingertip but once I put a condom on it for use I couldn’t feel it. Yes, I used a condom with it because the first time I tried it I had barely inserted it and I got a burning sensation. Removed it and rinsed myself with cold water. From now on I will always do this when I am not sure about a product’s quality that I have been sent to review. I did give the company a chance to comment on this and was told that this had never happened before but I have spoken to someone else who had the same issue.

Nalone Wave

In use the vibrations of the Nalone Wave seem quite buzzy, and weak. Although I’m not sure if they are actually weak or if it is just because they are so buzzy.  I also found that the wave motion which I loved so much in my hand, didn’t really work once it was inserted. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to feel like but it really didn’t do anything for me. Same thing with the ‘thrusting’ head, can’t say I could really feel anything happening. There are toys out there which do this much better for the same sort of price.

Nalone Wave Nalone Wave nalone wave

Overall I wanted to love this but it just doesn’t deliver. Considering the price the build quality is terrible. It feels like a cheap toy put into a fancy box, and packaged with a storage bag to justify the price. If you’re looking to spend this sort of money, and want a rabbit style thrusting vibrator I would suggest the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion, it doesn’t come with a storage bag but the product quality and ability to get you off is more than worth it.


*I was given the Wave by Nalone free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.