Tantus Twist Butt Plug – Anal Sex Toy

Anal Sex Toy – Butt Plug

Maximum texture is the name of the game with the Tantus Twist. With deep sinuous swirls, Twist offers the ultimate stimulation for those who like texture. Easy to clean, and fun to use, the Twist will be a terrific addition to your toybox. Silky to the touch like other Tantus Neo and Juice toys.

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tantus twist

Tantus Twist

The Tantus Twist is an item I have been coveting since I tried my first butt plug, the Tantus Perfect Plug four months ago. So when MEO contacted me to review some items, and generously offered to send me it (along with a huge box of other goodies) I jumped at the chance. When it arrived it was a bit bigger than I expected and it took me a few weeks to build up the nerve to try it but over Christmas after a few glasses of wine I decided to give it a go. It took plenty of lube and some deep breathing but in it went.

I don’t think I would have managed to use the Twist if I hadn’t tried a smaller plug first, so if you’re new to anal toys you might be better getting something slimmer than the Twist’s 1.3″ diameter. I found the ridges on the Twist were great to help ease the plug in as you could turn it like a corkscrew to help get it started moving in. Once it was started those same ridges gave a very pleasant sensation as it was going in and out, and when it was in I felt full, not stretched just nicely filled.

The Twist‘s t-bar base meant it was comfortable to wear, and I sat with it in for an hour quite comfortably. I also found if I sort of rocked in my seat it caused the Twist to wiggle in a very arousing way. I kept the Twist in while I had a little play time, and I really liked the sensation when I used a dildo. The sensation of having something in my ass, and thrusting something in and out of my cunt was really good…….and I mean really REALLY good.  I like new sensations and the Twist gave me a plethora of them.

The Tantus Twist is made from is made from Tantus’ signature 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. It has a super-smooth finish, and is almost velvety to the touch, the finish also means it doesn’t collect dust. Meaning it was easy to clean, warm water and anti-bacterial soap, I did run my soapy finger around the grooves to makes sure it was completely clean. Then I gave it a spritz with some toy cleaner, and left it to dry. If you are at all worried, or it starts to smell you can always put it in a bowl of hot water with a splash of bleach.

Overall I loved the Tantus Twist. I had high hopes for it and it didn’t disappoint. Really happy with it. Definitely a permanent addition to my toy box.


*I was sent this item by MEO in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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3 thoughts on “Tantus Twist Butt Plug – Anal Sex Toy

  1. I bought one after your Twitter recommendation, this is a great toy, comfortable for prolonged wear and creating some very nice sensations but I found it to be a bit small, (it’s not my first butt plug 😀) if they do I larger version at some point, I will be first in the queue.

  2. [Board meeting, Tantus HQ]

    Exec 1: “This is hard work.”
    Exec 2: “I should say so. Can we get some water in here?”
    Exec 1: “I’ve got some here, but there’s a cork in the bottle.”
    Exec 2: “I’ve got a corkscrew here…”

    [Both look at the corkscrew for a few seconds.]

    Both: “Heeeeeeeeeeeey…”

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