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Masturbation Monday #26

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Thank You Miss. The inspiration was:

thank you miss

Does this look familiar to anyone else? My sheets were never this cute, but back in the day, I did a lot of masturbating in this position…usually while looking at Tumblr.

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Thank You Miss

He was on his knees in front of the wooden chair. His hands were tied behind him, pulling his broad shoulders back, and causing his chest muscles to stand out in stark definition. His perfect tight arse rested on his heels, and he was looking hungrily at the empty chair.  There was the sound of a door opening, and he quickly bowed his head.

Her heels clicked as they crossed the floor, he held himself as still as possible, taking only the tiniest of breaths. She stopped between him and the chair. He looked down at her shoes, the tips of the toes were almost touching his knees. She was so close if he’d lifted his head he would be at eye level with her cunt. He swayed almost imperceptibly towards her but caught himself and stilled again.

She walked slowly around him, trailing the knots of the flogger she was holding along his skin. Up his thigh, over his hip, round his back. As it trailed over his arse, he flinched, a quick tightening of his cheeks. She smiled nodding to herself but didn’t speak. She continued moving around his body until she was standing in front of him again. She let the cords fall over his shoulder, dropping against his lap but he didn’t flinch again. She stood before him, silently watching, pulling the ropes of the flogger through her hand.

She waited until she noticed a bead of sweat run down his temple, and then she sat down. Her skirt rode up her thighs as she moved her legs apart. When she was settled she stretched out a leg, letting her shoe slip off, and tipping his chin up with her toes. When he was staring up her skirt she nodded at him, he carefully kissed the top of her toes, his eyes never moving from his view of her cunt. She trailed her foot down his torso, tracing over his nipples, and outlining his muscles. When she came to his cock she paused, curling her toes around the cage he was encased in. He was straining against it and she let out a laugh. She moved her foot so she covered his cock with her sole, and laughing again, she pushed against him.

He moaned quietly, and she removed her foot. Placing it flat on the floor she looked down at him. He flicked his eyes up to meet her gaze, and he knew what was coming. Staring at her cunt he held himself still waiting. The rope flicked across his thighs; once, twice, three times. He flinched when a knot found it’s way across the cock cage. Draping the flogger over his shoulder, she lifted her hip, slipping off her knickers. His eyes were now fixed on her cunt, and the moisture glistening on the curls there.

She kicked off her other shoe, and stood up. She walked around to stand behind him. Then leaning forward, she reached around him pressing the panties to his mouth, he opened wide, and she stuffed them inside. She took the flogger from where it rested over his should. Then tucking her foot under one cheek she lifted, and pushed him forwards. She stopped when his forehead was resting on the chair, right below where her cunt had just been. His arse was high in the air, and she moved to his side.

She trailed the rope strands over his arse back and forth, each time he flinched. She continued until he had relaxed, and then she began. The first impact was sharp, a harsh stinging blow. The next was gentler but still had power. After the fifth swish, you could see red marks scattered over his arse.  By twenty he was grunting with each impact, and when a knot caught a sensitive spot he groaned. His cock hung below him, the effects of his punishment causing excitement to bulge out of the spaces of the cage, while pre-cum dripped from the tip onto the floor.

By the time she finished, his arse was a pattern of red and purple. The raised ridges where welts had been created by floggers strikes hitting the same spot looked almost black. She smiled down at her handy work. She leaned down to whisper in his ear, before walking across the room and removing a bottle from a drawer. She squirted liquid into her hands as she walked back over. He relaxed as she carefully smoothed her palms over his bruised buttocks, stroking and caressing the cheeks, to soothe the marks. Leaving him in position, she turned his head, and removed the panties from his mouth.
He smiled at her, his eyes unfocussed, “Thank you Miss.”



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