The Library

I walked quickly between the shelves, inhaling the scent of old books and wood. I loved this place, it’s just what a library should be warm and comforting, full of dusty corners and dark places, aisles of books that seemed to stretch forever, and hidden spaces where you could study undisturbed for hours. I had my favourite spot, tucked away in the farthest corner is a big old desk; solid wood with drawers and a faded red leather top. I lay out my books and stationery and drop my bag in the bottom drawer before getting to work. I feel like the world could end and I’d still be sitting here hidden away from it all. Even the librarians never seem to come this deep, in the two years I’ve been coming here I’ve only ever seen one other person in this area.

I was trying to get a book, and suddenly he was there behind me. I turned but he was standing too close for me to move away. It was so unlike me but there was just something about him. Whatever it was when he bent forwards I leant into him breathing in his scent; somehow he smelt like he belonged there, the warm smell of paper and ink mixed with wood, plus something masculine and strong. I turned my face up and he kissed me, pushing me back against the shelves, as I grabbed his arse pulling him tight against me. His lips were firm and he bit my lip lightly as he pulled back. I squeaked a protest but when he unbuttoned my shirt it turned into a moan as he pinched my nipple, he kissed me again muffling the sound, and his other hand slipping up my skirt. Then it was his turn to groan as he realised what I wasn’t wearing underneath. I fumbled with his jeans, unbuttoning them and rubbing his hard-on through the cotton of his boxers before pulling him out and stroking him. He nipped my lip again as I stroked faster, I moved my head just long enough to pant “please?” Understanding my need he put both hands under my skirt cupping my arse and lifting me so I could guide him in. I could feel the edge of a shelf under my arse supporting me as he thrust, and when he dropped his head to bite my nipple, I moaned feeling the pleasure pulse through me. His boxers rubbed against my clit with every thrust and I came quickly, my orgasm contracting around his cock. His thrusting combined with his mouth on my nipple felt amazing and I felt another climax building inside me, and I gripped his hair in my fists pulling slightly as I fought to keep quiet. He gave a last grunting thrust as I felt him come deep inside me and another wave of pleasure crashed over me.

He leant his head against my shoulder, tucking his cock away and buttoning his fly, before pulling back and straightening my skirt.
He pulled the book off the shelf behind me and handed it to me before walking away towards the stacks, “Thanks.”
I put the book on the desk, and dropped into the chair hurriedly fastening my shirt, not quite believing what I’d just done, but smiling as I wondered if I’d see him again.

6 thoughts on “The Library

    • I wish. Sex in a library (or big bookshop) is definitely one of my fantasies.

      Thank you, thinking I might extend it into a full short story. xx

      P.S. WordPress automatically put your comment in spam, and I cannot figure out why. 🙁

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