The Night Before Round 1 – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #12

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, The Night Before Round 1. This is the continuation of a story I started for last week’s Wicked Wednesday, you can read it here. The inspiration was:

the night before

Who do you think is having more fun? 

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The Night Before – Round 1

Nick pulls my jeans all the way off, dropping them on the floor with their clothes as he kneels. Matt is braced over me kissing me hard, and while I’m kissing him  back part of my brain is wondering what Nick will do next. My breath shudders out against Matt’s lips as I feel Nick’s mouth pressing kisses against my cunt, moving up across my abdomen, and back down. Managing to find that perfect spot that has me shivering. Matt shifts sideways breaking our kiss, and my head drops back as I focus on the feel of Nick’s mouth brushing over my cunt.

I glance at Matt, he’s taken his boxers off, and his cock is erect, I reach a hand out, wrapping it around his shaft and stroking slowly. Nick’s tongue starts circling my clit, flicking over the bud before sucking it in his mouth. Matt bends over my arm, leaning towards my chest, he flicks his tongue over my nipple before sucking it into his mouth, caching it with his teeth as he sucks. The feel of both men sucking at me sends pulses of heat through my cunt, and my back arches as waves of orgasm roll over me. One hand is clenched around Matt’s cock, my fist jerkily pumping his cock. My other hand is tangled in Nick’s hair, my fingers curled into a fist, tugging his hair as his tongue flicks over my clit again.

He sucks gently then catches the little nub between his teeth, as he slides a finger into me, then a second, curling them against my g-spot. My hand movements become more rapid and uneven, and I feel Matt growl against my breast, the deep vibrations flashing through me. I feel him throb and twitch in my fist, and my nipple slips out of his mouth, as he straightens. I feel pressure building in me as Nick rocks his fingers, and suddenly my entire body tightens, my muscles clench, and I gasp out “oh fuck.” My toes curl against Nick’s legs, pressing into them. As he slips his fingers out of my cunt, I feel my juices flood out, he moves to lick them and my breath hisses out at the sensation. My body relaxes, and as my grip on Matt’s cock loosens, I feel his balls tighten, and he grunts, a ribbon of white hitting my chest. I let myself relax into the sofa, the floaty feeling making me drift as I grin at both men.


Hope you enjoyed my latest entry for Masturbation Monday.  You can find more sexy stories by clicking the button below:

the night before

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