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Masturbation Monday #22

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, The Show. The inspiration was:

the showShe looks inviting, doesn’t she? I wouldn’t mind joining her.

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The Show

She sits on her bed leaning back against the headrest and smiles at me. Patting the bed beside her she asks, “Why don’t you come sit here?”
“I’m okay here, really.” I know I should go over but nerves have gotten the best of me and I just don’t know what to do. I want to go over there, to kiss her, touch her, taste her but I just can’t make myself do it.
She looks at me, and I bite my lip. I’m sure she’ll tell me to leave but instead she smiles. “If you’re feeling shy maybe you’d just like to watch the show?”
I frown not sure what she means, until she stands up, pushing down her jeans, and kicking them off before she kneels on the bed.

Facing me, she positions her knees further apart, stroking a finger up her thigh from her knee, skimming over the outside of her pants, and down her other leg. I watch her, my gaze fixed on her finger. I imagined myself running my fingers where hers were, following the line with my lips, placing little kisses along her inner thighs. She moves her hand back to cover her cunt, pressing her palm against her pubic mound. She shifts her hand rocking the heel against herself, as she leans back.

Catching my eye she slides her hands upwards, pushing her shirt up to uncover her breasts, leaving it scrunched under her chin, while she grips her tits, squeezing them through her bra. She puts one hand to her mouth, sucking three fingers in, and covering them in saliva before slipping her hand back down to her cunt. She leans back further angling her hips so the entrance to her cunt is forward, and pressing her fingers to it. Over her pants she starts rubbing, slowly at first then faster, building up the speed and pressure.

Her head is tipped back but I can see her eyes are closed, as she focuses on what she is feeling. The smell of her arousal drifts across the room, and I lick my lips wanting to go and taste her. She gasps and shudders as an orgasm rolls over her. I wait to see what she will do now but the show isn’t over. She lifts herself, tugging off her pants, then with a grin she tosses them at me. I catch them, holding them in my hand, feeling the dampness. She settles back on the bed, and her hand goes back to her cunt. First she circles her clit with a finger before slipping two fingers into her cunt. Thrusting them in and out, she moves her other hand down her body, to work her clit.

I find myself moving closer until I’m standing between her feet. I lean towards her, running a finger up her thigh. I pause to check her response, and she looks up at me, nodding. I follow my finger with my lips, kissing my way towards her centre. When I reach it, she moves her hand so I can I kiss her cunt, pressing my mouth along her outer lips. When I slip my tongue between her lips she shudders, and moans. I feel a throb in my own cunt, and as I taste her fluids I feel my own knickers moisten.


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