This morning…..

…I was looking at the picture you sent me and I was thinking about how it would feel to be standing in front of you. To run my hands over your body feeling the soft hardness of you, the definition of your muscles, the smoothness of your skin. Feeling your nipples harden and bead under my fingertips. Looking up into your face, cupping your cheek with my hand, sliding my thumb across your lips, feeling their fullness. The warmth of your breath as you part your lips and turn your head to kiss my palm. Stretching up to kiss you, feeling your hands on my arse pulling me close. Holding me against you, your cock hard between us. Slipping my hands past your waistband, pushing it down, so I have the freedom to stroke you. Dropping my mouth to lick your nipple, a flat broad lick before I nip it with my teeth, then flick it with the tip of my tongue. Tightening my grip as I move my fist up and down your shaft, rubbing my thumb over your tip, sliding easily through the precum. Pumping you until you’re twitching in my hand, then kneeling to take you in my mouth, sucking your head while my hand keeps pumping, swallowing as you come hard, hitting the back of my throat.

One of these days it’ll be more than a picture and I’ll be there doing those things. One day….

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