Through Glass – Wicked Wednesday #9

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my ninth post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Through Glass. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:

Peeping Tom

– a person who derives sexual pleasure from secretly watching people undressing or engaging in sexual activity.

Time for confessions: have you ever been a Peeping Tom? Have you ever stood outside a door and bent down to look through the keyhole? Or deliberately watched someone through a window? Or have you ever been aware of someone standing outside, watching you? What did you do? Hide away or gave them a show? Share your true stories or write a sizzling piece of Peeping Tom erotica.


Through Glass

She pushes him back against the support, dropping to her knees as she strip off his boxers. His cock, already hard, bobs in front of her. She glances to the side, and I wonder for a minute if she can see me watching through glass. She wraps a hand around the base of his shaft, as she leans in licking along the underside of his length. Letting her tongue slide over his head, and back along until her nose touches his abdomen. She nips gently her teeth pulling at the skin as she looks up at him. He smiles tangling a hand in her hair. She starts slowly stroking his shaft, her fist sliding back and forth, as she wraps her lips over the head.

She keeps her fist going matching the movement of her mouth. I see her throat constricting as she gags on his length, and he puts a hand on the glass supporting himself. She pulls back, looking up at him as she speaks. He pulls her to her feet, kissing her hard as his hand grabs at her breast. He pinches the nipple and as she arches her back he drops his head, sucking the other nipple into his mouth. His hand is at the small of her back, helping support her, while she has one hand against the window and the other reaching to stroke his cock. I watch as he moves his hand to touch her cunt, his thumb settling over her clit as his fingers slide into her slit.  I flex my fingers imagining my hand there instead; how warm she’d be, how wet, how tight, how it would feel as she tensed around my fingers as she came.

My cock twitches when he bends to lift her, her back against the window as she wraps her legs around his hips. He pushes into her again and again, her back sliding on the glass. When she comes I see her shift as her legs tighten, then drop, her hands still clutching his shoulders. He pulls out and slowly lets her slide to the floor, she pauses a moment breathing hard, before rising to her knees and taking his cock in her mouth again. She works him with her mouth and hand, until his cock twitches and his balls tighten. I watch her throat as she swallows, and when she pulls back there is no cum left. He leans back against the support, stroking her hair as she rests her head against his thigh.

I can still see them framed in the window as I move closer to the door, and when I put my key in the lock they both jump.


If you’d like to know what happens next, you can read Part 2 here.

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Through glass

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    • I haven’t decided yet. I didn’t even know he lived there until he put his key in the door. 😀

      Thank you. I may continue the story next week, depending on what the prompt is. 🙂

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