Tie Me Up Available Now

Tie Me Up

I have been writing today’s blog post since Monday. I wanted to let all my readers know that Tie Me Up is now available to buy. The anthology has a story from me as well as some fantastic stories from lots of fabulous writers, all with the theme of bondage.

The editor of this exciting collection is F. Leonora Solomon. If you’d like to read excerpts from many of the stories in the book you can visit her website and see what the book is all about. Please do consider buying the book and supporting me, her, and all the other authors, there in links in the quote from her website below.


I am soooooo excited to share with you the release of TIE ME UP! I can honestly tell you that when I gave this manuscript in, I felt a wave of deep satisfaction. TIE ME UP is an achievement with this selection of stories, each one like a lovely pearl…You can read excerpts here if you have not already, or–AT LAST!!!–you can buy the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and with our amazing publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books!

Or you can win a FREE print copy! Oleander Plume tweeted AMAZING bondage-themed photos leading up to this release, so you have a choice…you can leave me a comment with a bondage-themed photo, or write me a bondage-themed scenario. Make it hot, and the best one wins!

Thanks for celebrating release day with me!

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