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 Tot Bodee is a smart G-spot massager, that gives you unprecedented sexual experience. It is a perfect masturbation aid, using bluetooth it can be remote-controlled by APP. Designed with six modes, carefully prepared for you. When your husband or lover is not around, the BODEE smart vibration bar can release your passion, bringing you lots of intense pleasure.

From DealsMachine

tot bodee

Tot Bodee

When I was approached by DealsMachine about reviewing for them, I was confused at first, they didn’t seem to be the sort of company who would be selling sex toys but I agreed to give them a go.

When the item arrived it was in a thick grey polythene bag/envelope. The outside gave no indication as to the contents, including on the customs declaration. The downside of this packaging was that when I opened it the box had sustained some cosmetic damage on the corner. It felt very much like the item had come from a wholesaler, rather than somewhere selling to the public. So much so that I actually emailed my contact to check who their customer base was supposed to be. The box also had information stickers covering the product photo, and details on the back.

tot bodeeThese stickers didn’t peel off, so they just made it look a bit messy, and again added to the wholesale feel.

tot bodee

However, the part with the stickers attached was just a sleeve, and underneath was a plain white box. Despite the dint on the top corner, this was actually a fairly sturdy box. Inside the Tot Bodee was nestled in a foam shell with the charging cable, instructions, and a storage pouch underneath. I do love when companies include a storage bag.

DSC01073The Tot Bodee is made of lovely silky smooth silicone, it is completely body safe and odourless. It says it is waterproof, and the charging cable is one of those pin ones that you push through the silicone. It is supposed to seal up again after you remove it. Unfortunately after just a few uses I can see a hole developing, which makes me nervous of using it in water now.

tot bodeeUsing the Tot Bodee I was pleasantly surprised by the strength of the vibrations. I found them to be quite deep and rumbly. I also found them to be quite noisy. I could hear it under the duvet from outside the room. Once it was inserted this became negligible though.

tot bodee

Now to the important part. To fully use the Tot Bodee you need to download an app from the app store (available in both Android and Apple iOS). I downloaded the app no problem but when I tried to pair the vibrator using bluetooth it just wouldn’t connect. I tried multiple times on both my Samsung phone and my iPad, no matter what I did it just wouldn’t appear in the app. I tried to check the main product website but the entire thing is in Chinese, with no international options.

tot bodee


Disappointing. The vibration is good and the product is nice. However, if your product won’t work on the main feature you’re selling it on, what is the point? A shame because the shape and feel of the toy were very nice, and the vibrations were rumbly.



*I was sent the Tot Bodee by DealsMachine in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review does NOT contain affiliate links.

2 thoughts on “Tot Bodee Vibrator – Dare to Enjoy

  1. I received the same product to review, had a huge amount of problems to get the app to be in English and only managed that after several mails to the people who sent it to me. By the time the app worked, I had to charge the toy again, but… it was broken. The little pin of the charger made no contact with anything inside but seemed to drift in empty space. I sent an email and left it for what it is…

    Rebel xox

    • Reading the comments on the app store the bluetooth connection seems to have known issues. It could have been a great toy but needs a lot more work I think. 🙁 xx

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