Touching Myself – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #17

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Touching Myself. The inspiration was:

Touching myself

It’s more relaxing than a massage and scratches a few urges, too. Wishing I was right where she is. Bliss.

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Touching Myself

It started in the usual way, half asleep I rolled over and reached for you. You weren’t there but I could still smell you, I pulled your pillow over hugging it to me and inhaling your scent. It wasn’t a plan but I found my hand drifting lower, slowly stroking over my stomach, around the curve of my hip. Squeezing my arse and feeling the sting from the marks you left.

I grin into my pillow as I carefully stroke over the bruises, feeling the welts, outlining each one with my fingers, touching myself gently before delivering a sharp slap that sends a wave of pain and arousal through me. I flick my hand down onto my bruised cheek a few times, enjoying not just the feeling it arouses but also the memory of getting the marks. I can’t deliver the same impact that you do but the sting of reminder is enough to make my cunt throb and moisten.

I work myself slowly, allowing my arousal to build up without touching my cunt or clit. Alternating the sharp slaps with gentle stroking, the strokes started as soothing but now are just adding sensation. My face is buried in your pillow as I breathe in your scent, and after a slap that catches a welt perfectly I bite into it, stifling a moan. And the throbbing in my cunt increases tempo.

With a last stroke over my arse I slide my hand forward over my hip, across my stomach, down my abdomen to smooth over my mound and outer lips. Touching myself gently, feeling the wetness spilling out. I push two fingers between my lips, spreading my juices up to my clit, then back down, slipping them into my cunt, pushing in as far as I can, allowing my thumb to settle above my clit, not quite touching it. I slide my fingers in and out, feeling my muscles contract. Shivers run through my body and I hug your pillow tighter. When the orgasm starts to peak, I pause with my fingers inside me, and curl them slightly massaging my g-spot, and I drop my thumb to rub my clit.

The slight pressure on my clit combined with my g-spot stimulation pushes me over the edge, as I pull my fingers out my orgasm crashes over me, and I squirt over my hand. My other arm is locked around your pillow, pulling it with me as I fall onto my back. My breath is rattling out in little gasps, as shivers run through my body, causing my toes to curl.  I relax back and and fall asleep still hugging your pillow.



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touching myself

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