I know I am a ‘sex’ blogger and my username has horny in it but that does not mean I am on twitter looking for men to sext with. I’m looking for people I can have a conversation and a laugh with…..not just to trade innuendo (although that can be fun too). Not everything we talk about has to be sex related, I’m a geek, talk to me about geeky stuff; honest dialogue about Marvel (comics or films) is way more likely to get you a follow than “nice tits”. If you want me to follow you back you need to make an effort to interact with me, try saying hi, comment on one of my tweets that doesn’t involve my naked breasts (I do like the appreciative comments but it doesn’t really count as interaction for these purposes).

If you’ve followed me on twitter and I haven’t returned the follow please be assured that it was a conscious decision, and that I thought about it before it was made. I could have decided not to follow you for a number of reasons, such as;

  • Your twitter feed is all RTs of naked pictures
  • It’s all you telling people nice tits/arse/pussy/etc
  • You don’t tweet stuff that I’m interested in
  • Your TL is all you saying follow back, DM, do you kik
  • I think a follow will get me DM spam of your cock, or requests for sexting
  • If we have never had a conversation (nice tits does NOT count as conversation)

And my final reason for not following back:


Although, this post specifies twitter I would also like to add that this goes for emails too. No I do not want you to send me a photo of your cock with the words don’t you wish you could wrap your mouth round this (or if I do you will be VERY aware of it…and we will have talked previously).  So when I politely say thanks but I’m ok, and please don’t send me stuff like this again, do NOT take that as an invitation to send me reams of abuse, telling me what a bitch and tease I am or that I need force-feeding your ‘hard cock’, because all that will get you is blocked.

Gentleman please note: there is not a woman on earth who owes you a gorram thing; not her time, not her acknowledgement, and certainly not her body. No matter what you have chosen to give her, she is well within her rights to choose NOT to give you anything in return. Get over yourselves.


8 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. Wait… so you’re telling me you’re not secretly using this as an outlet for casual sex and fantasy fulfillment? How dare you lead those poor gentlemen on like that.

    Ugh. I genuinely feel for the women I meet in this circle. It must be terribly frustrating at times.

    • Even if I was it would be my choice who I did those things with.

      I think it must just have been arsehole day today. Seemed to get them all at once.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Good freaking god. That’s awful.. Unfortunately, it does seem like, to a certain subset of men, the fact that a woman writes / posts / tweets frankly about sex reads as an invitation to come at her with everything he’s got. It’s not and you said it well. I really hope the message gets where it needs to go.

    • Thanks. The really scary email guy has now been blocked (well I set up a filter so any further messages go straight to trash), but yesterday just seemed to be full of creeps.

  3. Well said!
    I am so sorry that you had a day full of assholes and good of you that you’ve blocked him. I’ve had my share of shite on Twitter, but thankfully nowadays it doesn’t happen anymore. I block them in seconds.

  4. I try to send you a few words here and there.. but you dont answer back. Its not so much the sex or something around what I see… its the other then the usual pictures.. its better to just actually get a word out of you. But mainly to see you are a woman that speaks whats on the mind. Those kind of things that are good to think of. It makes for great grins and of course the all Famous Smile that I pass along to people I come across. However if you never answer.. there’s no loss but just time I use to read what makes you tick or makes you “Be You”

    • IN a conversation there has to be space for me to answer. Often your tweets to me don’t really leave much for me to say. It’s nothing personal I just don’t reply if there was nothing to reply to. Or I might send a smile emoticon. 🙂

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