Urgent Sexting – Wicked Wednesday #2

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my second post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Urgent Sexting. You don’t have to use the prompt but I wanted the inspiration, and I thought it would be a fun challenge. The prompt for this week was:

 urgent sexting

Communication… how important is this to you? In which situations do you find communication more important than others? Share your stories of communication excellence or communication going wrong.

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Urgent Sexting

Meet you in an hour. I hit send before I could lose my nerve, then rushed to get dressed. I paused over what to wear but realising how nuts I was being, I dragged on a denim skirt and a tee, no point dressing up considering where we were meeting. I slid my feet into my converse, threw my bag over my shoulder and grabbed a hoodie on the way out the door. As I rushed down the stairs and out onto the street I thought about what my dad would say if if knew what I was doing. He would not think this was a good idea, running off at 8pm to grab coffee with a guy I’d only ‘met’ online three days ago….probably wouldn’t be impressed with all the urgent sexting we’d done either.

I swung myself into a seat on the bus and quickly sent texts to three friends, letting them know where I was going and who with. Their replies  were exactly what I expected; E was ready to drive over and watch our meeting, K told me to be careful and to text her later so she knew I was ok, and S, well S just told me to enjoy myself and use protection. I love S; no judgement, no pretence, just accepts that I am a grown woman who may have urges. And boy oh boy did I have urges, something about this guy just hit all the right buttons. I’d spent the last three days in a state of constant arousal from his urgent sexting, all it took was a few sentences and I was perky nippled with a throbbing in my pants. I don’t remember the last time a guy had that much effect on me.

He’s already there when I arrive, sitting in a corner booth with a coffee in front of him. He’s wearing this Batman tee that fits him perfectly, and I pause for a second to admire the way it shows off his physique. I’m a sucker for some good muscle tone and this boy has it in spades. I drop into the seat opposite him and he looks up at me smiling, “Hi.” I grin at him,  “Nice tee. West, Keaton or Bale?” And he’s off, totally geeking out on me, telling me why Keaton is his favourite Batman, but he loves the Year One comics that Bale’s Dark Knight story is based on.

If there’s something that really turns me on it is a geeky guy with passion, and I could have listened to him talk like this forever. Except for the fact that a few hours later the waitress comes over to tell us they’re closing. He offers to drive me home so I don’t have to waste money on a taxi and I slide out of the booth glad that the seats aren’t vinyl because I’m pretty sure I would’ve left a damp patch. He takes my hand and we head to his car. It’s dark in the car park and he’s parked right at the far end, and all I can think is ‘no-one would see us’.

He doesn’t start the engine straight away but turns to look at me, he opens his mouth to say something then stops, my mind is a complete blank all I can think is how much I want to be kissing him, but I don’t say anything. When he takes out his phone and starts typing I’m a bit confused but then my phone buzzes in my pocket and he grins, I pull it out and read, You have me on the edge, I want to kiss you so bad right now. I quickly type a reply then look up at him as I drop my phone into my bag. He reads my message, putting his phone in his pocket before leaning towards me. He slides one hand around the back of my head pulling me towards him and kissing me.

I can taste the coffee he’s just drunk and something sweet, my arms are pressed between us and I slip them around him, running my hands up his back, feeling his muscles shift, as he pulls me so I am straddling him. He’s kissing me hard, and I feel his hands moving under my tee, gripping my tits, squeezing them, and I lean back grabbing the hem of my top to pull it over my head and dropping it on my empty seat. He continues squeezing my tits, pushing them together and pinching the nipples which are hard and standing out against the lacey material. He slides one arm around my back lifting me slightly, as he frees my tits from my bra. The dropping his head licks one nipple, sucking it into his mouth before nipping it with his teeth.

Pushing my chest against his mouth I moan, reaching down and rubbing his cock through his jeans, he’s getting hard and I unbutton his fly, sliding a hand in to pull him out and stroking him. My skirt is pushed up around my waist and roll my hips, rubbing myself against him, letting him feel how wet I am. He looks up and grabs the back of my head, mashing my mouth against his, and I feel the seat shift as he reclines it slightly. His hand is between us pushing my pants to one side and running his finger along my slit, I bite his lip as I shiver, moaning as he rubs my clit.

I catch his eye and nod at my bag, he holds it up and I pull out a condom quickly tearing the wrapper and rolling it one. Then with his hands on my hips I lift onto his cock, sliding down onto him, as he pushes up into me. Rocking up and down quickly, I can feel the pressure building, and when he presses his thumb to my clit, rubbing in tight circles, and biting on my nipple, I feel it rush over me. I tighten around him and with one last push into each other he comes too. We lay against each other for a moment, then he straightens his seat and I climb back into mine, straightening my skirt and tucking my boobs back into my bra before pulling on my tee.

He pulls up outside my flat and I look over at him as I undo my seatbelt, grinning when I notice he’s hard again. I grab my phone and send him a text, Coffee?


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    • Thanks.

      The text thing actually happened. Spent so much time texting and when we met in person neither of us knew what to say so we sat opposite each other in a pub texting until we both relaxed enough to talk. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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