Used Me.

His hands cup my head and pull me close.holding me tight as his mouth presses onto mine, his tongue thrusting into my mouth before he pulls back catching my lip between his teeth and nipping it.
I could feel his erection nudging at my hip and slip a hand down between us gripping him in my fist and sliding my hand up and down his shaft.
He pushed me back catching my eye and nodding toward the floor. Not one to argue I drop to my knees and put my lips around the head of his cock, flicking my tongue over the tip tasting his precum.
He moans as I move my lips down his shaft, flattening my tongue along the underside, using my hand to fondle his balls, as I take more of him into my mouth. Getting impatient he tangles his hands into my hair holding me still as he begins to thrust into my mouth. I gag and choke but reach my hands round to grab his arse, pulling him in harder,
He thickens and throbs, his thrusts becoming more erratic, and I move one hand back to his balls, cupping them and rolling them in my hand, gently squeezing as I tug them. I feel them tighten and draw up, and he grunts, thrusting extra hard as he shoots his come against the back of my throat, and I swallow rapidly.
I hold him in my mouth swallowing each ribbon of come, sucking and licking him clean as he shrinks and softens in my mouth. He lets go of my head and I stand up, catching sight of myself in the mirror, and smiling at the smudged lipstick and rivers of mascara marking my face.

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