Victorian Governess Tawse from MEO

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Today I am reviewing the Victorian Governess Tawse from MEO.

This two strap Tawse is a severe instrument of corporal punishment; the kind of strap used by the stricter Victorian governess and nanny on their wards in days gone bye. This fine instrument is made of the finest 12-14 oz (4-5mm) leather.

It is 19.1/2 (50cm) inches long and 4 inches (10cm) wide at the business end; where there are two tails, that pack a real sting. This strap was carefully hand crafted to original specifications. All the edges are marked with a saddlers crease line, fully bevelled and burnished to a fine smooth finish.

If you are a serious collector of disciplinary instruments, this is a must for your collection.

victorian governess tawse

Victorian Governess Tawse

My first thought when I opened this was holy crap! It is heavy, really heavy. It feels great in your hand, and has a lovely flex to it. As any good domme does I tried it (very lightly) on the inside of my arm, and then I swore a lot. Then I messaged my friend who has the best little wiggly sub girl ever, to tell him all about it. I believe my message was a photo with the caption this needs to meet xx’s arse.

The Victorian Governess Tawse is not a toy for people who like gentle play, this is a toy for those who like to feel the pain. *Grins evilly* It’s really nice. If it was being used on me I would need a serious warm up first. So far I have only been the giver, and have left some absolutely gorgeous stripes with it.

I kind of feel like this is a two in one impact play toy. The edges feel slightly sharp, so they really sting on impact but it is also heavy enough that the impact thuds through the bottom.

Victorian Governess Tawse



I really liked the Victorian Governess Tawse. Leaves a lovely strip on naughty bottoms.

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