Vintage Leather Wrist Cuffs from @LatexLeather

Lockable Leather Wrist Restraints

vintage leather wrist cuffs“Oscuro Vintage Leather Wrist Cuffs – Padded wrist cuffs with dusky tan vintage leather outer and black padded leather inner, these cuffs are fully adjustable and lockable.”

From Latex, Leather and Lace

Vintage Leather Wrist Cuffs

The Oscuro Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs arrived in a plain grey polythene envelope with no markings indicating the contents. I was slightly concerned about how well the packaging would have protected the cuffs but there was no need, they were well surrounded by bubble wrap, as well as contained in a plastic bag, and they looked perfect.

Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs

Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was the smell; that delicious warm smell of real leather. It was so good that for the first minute I just sat inhaling without paying attention to the cuffs themselves. When I did I wasn’t disappointed. The leather was soft and mostly supple, only slightly stiff in its newness.  It had a lovely feel, and I found myself stroking the leather.

Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs

The stitching on the Oscuro vintage leather wrist cuffs was nice and even with no rough spots, are sharp patches. Both sides of the leather were smooth and soft. The inner leather was shinier than the outer (vintage layer) and I thought this might make the cuffs rub but I found they were comfy to keep on all day even when it was warm.

Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs

The buckle and D-ring are stainless steel, as is the supplied trigger hook and chain link. They are all well attached and can take a good amount of tugging. Plus the steel looks beautiful with the vintage leather.

Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs

As you can see the clips and chain can either be attached to the D-Ring, or they can fit onto the buckle posts to prevent removal. An excellent feature if they are being used to punish a naughty slave. The supplied chain is also just long enough that you can fasten it around something to help keep your partner in place.

The Oscuro vintage leather wrist cuffs are comfortable to wear for an extended period, for my first testing I wore them all day while I did stuff around the house, and worked. The leather started softening even further with the first use, and they have continued to become more flexible with each use.

Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs Vintage Leather Wrist cuffsVintage Leather Wrist cuffs Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs  Vintage Leather Wrist cuffs


I loved the Oscuro vintage leather wrist cuffs. They were comfortable, stylish, and well made. The quality was obvious immediately. The only thing I would be careful about is getting any fluids (lube, oils, body fluids) on them, as it might ruin the soft vintage leather.


*I was sent the Oscuro Vintage Leather Wrist Cuffs by Latex, Leather and Lace in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The links in this post are not affiliate based.

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