Wishing We’re Alone

You’re holding me close, your hands on my arse, pulling me in tight. I could tilt my head up and kiss you but instead I bury my face in your chest, breathing you in. You squeeze my arse and I nip your chest with my teeth,  looking up and catching your eye, before pressing a kiss to the same spot. You hands pull me tighter against you, and I smile as I feel your hardening cock pressing into my hip. Tipping my head up to kiss you. One of those long slow kisses that makes my heart beat faster and causes a warm pulsing between my legs.  Your erection is twitching against me and I wish we were somewhere private. Somewhere I could unzip your pants, slip out your cock, and feel it in my hand. Be able to hold you, feeling the weight of you in my hand, stroking, squeezing, the smoothness of your skin. A place where I could feel you holding my tits, where you could take a nipple in your mouth and suck it.  Where we could get naked and you could fuck me until I am panting, barely able to remember my name let alone yours. But we’re not alone so I pull away from the kiss, taking a step back and grinning as you quickly adjust yourself. You take my hand and we head for the station, so we can get home and actually be alone.

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